Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for a few things.......
* I am thankful for everyone who leaves me comments! They brighten my day so thank you so much! I love having this huge extended network of friends! Maybe one day we will meet!

* I am thankful for 2 friends who knows me inside in and out....good times and bad! Thank you for listening lately!

* I am thankful the sun came out for the first time in a week! The dogs are in the backyard working on their tans!

* And I am thankful for this EASY and healthy dinner I made last night, it made me feel good to eat something healthy for a change (wink wink)!! I must share it with you! This is adapted from "Yum Magazine"...
Citrus Broiler Salmon
What you need...........
Garlic, lettuce, salmon, red pepper, lemon, orange, honey, Tabasco, butter and capers!
Start by segmenting your orange........if you have never done one before you cut the peel away and then cut into between the white orange slices to eat with dinner!
Next up is your vinaigrette........
Squeeze the left over (no segments) orange into bowl, squeeze lemon (save 2 slices) dollop of honey, dash of Tabasco, S & P, 2 garlic cloves minced, EVOO and capers! Whisk! Adjust the measurements of each as needed! You will know what you like!
Then turn on your broiler and broil salmon with only melted butter on top for 5 minutes then take out and add 1/2 vinaigrette and return to broiler for 3 minutes!!
Now make your salad......just greens, sliced red pepper and the left over vinaigrette!
And here you go........this is so bright and yummy, the red peppers in the salad add a nice crunch to the meal! I hope you enjoy!!!!! This is a great spring meal!
Have a good day friends!

Let's Talk....

Get ready because this is going to be another "preachy" migraine post......

Last night was the 7th night in a row that I had to take one of my mega pills and go to bed with a migraine! I mean enough already, I am in a bad cycle that I want to stop. Whenever I post about my migraines on Facebook everyone is so kind and they try to offer their help and I am so thankful to have such nice friends..... but at the same time I have been diagnosed for over 10 years and it's not like I sit around sick....I have tried everything.
1. I have a CO detector in my home and that is not it
2. I went to a chiropractor for 3 years and that did nothing
3. I have had 2 MRI's
4. I have a neurologist who I regularly see
5. I am on a daily preventative medicine
6. I have 2 very expensive prescriptions I take when a migraine comes on.....but the wonderful people at the insurance companies limit the number of meds migraine sufferers can take......6 of one a month and 18 of the other. Since I have more migraines than that I have to choose if I can suffer thru this one as to save my meds.
7. I get 8 hours a sleep every single night
8. I do not drink or smoke
9. I watch what I eat

As you can see I do and have tried everything. And I totally realize that with an illness you can not see that it is easy to look at someone who suffers from migraines and think "oh you have a headache" and you have no idea. When you take these heavy duty migraine pills you are suppose to take them and go to bed but that is not realistic, they make you very woozy......I have learned to work thru the fog because in what life do you have time to miss work and lay in bed all day?  I just want people to know it is so much more then a little headache..........sometimes I literally think I am going to die and I don't mean such a debbie downer but at times it is hard to pull myself out of a dark place. Do you know what it is like to pray EVERY single night "please God let me wake up feeling ok".....I would kill to know what it is like to just wake up everyday feeling normal. If I am ever out late with friends, or out of town or doing something out of the normal in my head I am beyond stressed wondering if I am going to get sick. I get by each day at a time. I wish there was more education on migraines....I have written Oprah (go figure) I mean imagine if she did a show? People would maybe stop thinking I am some baby with a little headache. I don't mean to be all up on my soap box and lecturing everyone but I am passionate about this. I would do anything to be normal and from time to time I just need to get this all "out there"!!
Thanks for listening.........

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, I have a story for you....but I have no pictures so just imagine this.....
I am working from home today and over lunch I went to go tan, my grandparents have a key to my house and they stop by when I am at work to see their "grand-dogs"...yes, it is so nice!!! Well when I got back from tanning their car was at the bottom of the drive way and I open the garage door granddad was IN the garage with the dogs and all 3 of the dogs saw FREEDOM!!!!!! To my horror all three dogs run for hills in different directions!! (insert panic face) so I throw my car into drive in the street and start running around trying to rounding up the boys! Thankfully no one got too far and I was able to get them all, I shudder to think what would of happened if my grandparents where the only ones home!!! Right now they are all fast asleep in the office exhausted from their little adventure! Silly dogs!

Something Special...

So my mother in law turned me onto this yesterday and I just had to share it with everyone!! This is the Decorah Bald Eagle project and currently this is a live streaming video of a mother sitting on her eggs. They are due to hatch this Friday and I sure hope I get to see it! It is so amazing to see this mother tend to her nest and you can even catch a glimpse of the dad dropping by from time to time. It is times when I see amazing things like this that confirm for me just how amazing all animals/birds/creatures are. I hope you enjoy this! And yes!! This is LIVE.........
If you want to save this on your is the link
Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Femme Fatale

Do you know what today is? Today is the day Britney Spears new CD Femme Fatale came out!! I know you must think Britney Spears? Really? She is so 1999.......well why yes she is and I LOVE IT! I grew up with her...... since her Mickey Mouse Club days I have loved her....just ask my mom!! When her music videos came out during high school I use to memorize them and learn the dances!! I have seen her 4xs in concert and she is a performer! No, she is not the best singer but it is the whole "package" of her that I love! The make-up, costumes, glitter...the whole shebang!
So I thought that in honor of today we would take a walk down memory lane to a few of my past favorites! Favorite outfits? You know it...............
Gosh she looked so amazing in these outfits! I would of killed to be her when I saw these performances.....hell I would still want to look like her!
Here are 3 of my favorite "old" songs and videos.....................
1. Stronger, I love this song and in this video she looks like perfection!
2. Crazy!! I LOVE this video and I am betting if you dare me I can still do the dance! Wow, what a fun walk down memory lane this is one of my most favorites!!
3. Slave! You can NOT have a a list without talking about Slave! She was ahead of her time! I also LOVED her remake of the Bobby Brown "My Prerogative" but I might of been the only one!
Am I going to try and catch her new tour this summer? I want to but tickets START at $100 so that means for me to have a seat like I would want I would be shelling out over $300! I mean CRAP!
Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me! Do you like her? Favorite old song??

I need an Umbrella

Why do I need an umbrella you ask? Maybe because it is raining in Okc? Yes...but NO! Because this month I have 5 showers to go to!!! I mean that is alot for one little month! Between bridal showers, couple showers and baby showers I am going into the poor house this month! Am I excited? Yes, I am but at the same time looking towards April and seeing no down time kinda stresses me out, I will not lie! The couple shower I have this weekend I may not be able to go to because it is my baby sisters 19th Birthday and she can't make up her mind when we are celebrating! And the group of people at this shower are amazing! (you know who you are)
Well guys.......... I hope me and my wallet survives Aril!
ps.......did I mention I turn 30 in April? Yikes....cue mid life crisis!

Winner Winner! Chicken Panini Dinner!

 First things first.....we have a winner for the Wine Stopper give away......(drum roll please)....
 love me some Cleanslate Riesling! Yum! By Beren on Giveaway! on 3/25/11......So Beren email me your address to!

Next up.........Last nights Chicken Panini Dinner!!!
 SO This is a Pioneer Woman Recipe and it was the perfect "I have the Monday Blues" dinner!!
First up you need to make a "sauce"......
You need to blend, chop, puree (whatever you choose) 1Part Pesto and a few Sun Dried tomatoes in oil, then add salt, pepper and a dash of lemon juice!!! (Just make the right amount for your family add more or less)
You will then put 1/2 of the mixture in a plastic baggie with your chicken breasts. Roughly 1 breast will make 2 panini's! Then you need to refrigerate over night or few a few hours!
Then PW says to grill your chicken but I roasted mine in the oven on 350 for 20minutes, so either way works!
 Then take the other 1/2 of your mixture and stir in a dollop of mayo.........yummy.....
 You will need to butter the outside of each piece of bread!!!! And after your chicken is done slice it up because assembly is next!
 Assembly time.......... with the butter side down add 2 sliced of provolone to 1 side and the mixture spread on the other side. Then add as many roasted red peppers as you would like (yes, I used them in a can but if you want to be an overachiever roast your own) then and your chicken breast.
 And heat....I left mine in for about 4 could also use a grill pan, turning your panini once!
 Here it is.........delish!! Such a simple and yummy meal!! You should try it! I ate mine with a side of cold cottage cheese!
Let me know if you make this and if you want to check out the original version with much much better pictures head on over to the Pioneer Woman's blog!

Monday, March 28, 2011

How Do You Know?

How Do You Know...when you are watching the WORST MOVIE EVER??? Well, watch this one and you will know! I know I know this is harsh coming from me who LOVES movies....and I love all movies but this was so bad. It was not funny, romantic, clever and there was NO point! I dare you to tell me you loved it (Becky)...I will fight you if you say you liked this!  My friend Natalie said "Maybe you were in a weird mood when you watched it" and true maybe I was but regardless this was bad! And that is all, I will end this Debbie Downer of a post! HAHA


Picture Overload is upon us.......
First of all look at my nails!! LOVE were they easy? Not so much! It took me about an hour but the end result was worth it!
Saturday during the day was Chips set is so nice to see all our hard work pay off.....Here is the wine pull which I worked all night! We sold 115 bottles of wine at $10 a piece! A nice added bonus for our Grant money! All the proceeds goes toward The Bethel Foundation to help single mothers!
Look at these centerpieces!!! A local florist donated them, I thought they were great! Perfect for our fun Vegas night!
Here is my "team" .....we wrapped each bottle of wine over the past few weeksn and for $10 you get to pick can land a $10 bottle or up to a $70 bottle! It is a game of chance!
Here is just one of the auction items, we had over $22,000 in products, trips and experiences donated! I wish I would of gotten to go home with something! boo
Matt and I! What sucks is you can't see my awesome earrings! I should of worn a necklace instead....should of could of would of. You like my $19 dress? I was so proud to be wearing such a bargain!
This is my dear friend Jennie and in her belly is Connor who will be here next month! Can't wait to meet him!
Lacey, Susan and I.......all JH gals wear boas so if you have questions of anything you know who to ask! Where is mine? Well, I cheat a little bit.....they are just so hot!
Here is Matt, Tony and Becky, Karlin......Karlin won the GRAND Prize! Lucky duck!
Oh yes.......we had "Showgirls" this is a Vegas night after all! I LOVED them.....they even put on a drag show that was a HUGE hit! We had a Lady Gaga and a Diana Ross! hahaha
Here is one of my best friends Becky and I! She looked so hot! You should of seen her shoes!
These two girls (Lindsay and Natalie) I work with and they are so much MORE than work friends! I call us the "3 Amigos"......
Oh ya, work it work it.....Becky and her hubby Tony..I will use this to blackmail Tony one day! "Everybody clap your hands...."
We had an amazing food buffet and all beer was included in the ticket price also! The food line was so long, glad I was first in line (go figure)
My great friend Allison and I!!! I invited her to join JH 2 years ago and I am SO glad she did!
Well was an amazing time! And I am stilled pooped today!! And you will not believe thighs are so sore from working the wine pull....putting bottles on the table, under the table....etc! So pathetic I could barely make it up and down my stairs at home yesterday!

Happy Monday!!! Remember to enter my ends tonight!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Five for Friday

Today's Five for Friday is 5 Random Fact about you..........
1. People always say I look like someone, I must have "that" face. In high School when I had a blonde bob people always stopped me to say I looked just like Natalie one of the Dixie Chicks, then in college for a bit I had almost white blonde hair and people said I looked like Gwen Stefanie....and most recently and the hardest to believe EVEN with my dark hair several people say I look and remind them of Kendra from the Girls Next Door who is now on DWTS! I mean in what world do I look like her?

2. This morning I had a mini-meltdown! While I was getting ready for my TV hair was all wrong, my spray tan looked bad and I discovered that my knees are fat...the cellulite has seemed to inch it's way down. SO I had to calm myself during the drive. I am crazy.

3. I have had a migraine EVERY day this week. I am almost out of meds and I am straight up sick of being sick.

4. When I work from home I look like a homeless person......mis-macthed sweats, glasses, no make up and crazy hair ......wouldn't have it any other way.

5. I am in a reading rut! I hope I snap out soon!

SO guys....let's try this a 5 for Friday list on your blog and then submit your blog link below!! It will be fun....


I decided that since I have not done a giveaway in awhile why not do one today!!! I have a friend named Casie, she makes amazing wine stoppers and she was so kind to give me one to giveaway!!!
I mean look at this thing................ I have never seen one like it!
Wouldn't this look amazing on top of your bottle? And heck ya, I will ship it anywhere to whomever wins! You guys should also check out Casie's Etsy site ...
How to enter??? Well first you need to follow my blog....on the left hand side a little ways down you will see my followers, click on the button that says follow! It is super easy! Then you need to leave me a comment telling me what your favorite wine is!!! If you are already a follower then all you have to do is leave me the comment! You have until Monday at 5pm!!!!!!
Feel free to pass this on to friends!


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