Monday, January 31, 2011

8 inches ....

So unless you don't own a TV then you have heard that the world as we know it in Oklahoma is coming to an end TOMORROW! And I am super stoked! Most of the US is under a winter storm warning and by this time tomorrow us Okies are suppose to be under 8 inches of snow! My dogs are going to be SO excited! Funny thing when I was at the grocery store yesterday it was pure madness...I mean empty shelves and not 1 single onion! So I guess when you are going to be snowed in alot of people are stocked up on onions! HA......also of companies here are already closed for tomorrow and I was told it is ok to work from home, so that is good to know instead of stressing i the morning!
So maybe tomorrow I will be posting pictures of snow!! We shall see............

Thunder tried to cool the Heat

So a perk of my parents having amazing season tickets to the Thunder games is getting great seats to see the Thunder take on Miami and the Big-3.....James, Wade and Bosh!! Yesterday's game was at noon and nationally televised on ABC.
I love pre-grame when the lights go down and our sell out crowd goes wild! It is in this moment that makes me miss dancing for the NBA! There is no feeling like this........
Well, hello LeBron........ I loved some of the signs people bring to the game one had a picture of our Kevin Durant next to Lebron James and said "All Star- All Mouth"
Matty and I pre-game......before the game we had a yummy brunch at the Marriott with my parents!
Ok, if you know the NBA you know LeBrons signature pre-game is his powder toss....this has been featured in the latest Nike commercial....I caught it the best I could!
Rumble plays the drums....................... Go Thunder!
Wade & James................have nothing on our Durant!!
Mom and I................
It was a dirty game, foul after was crazy and stressful!
In the end Miami beat us in the LAST 22 seconds by 5!!It was heartbreaking!


Hi guys! I have been away for 3 days........mega busy 3 days and I have so much to catch everyone up on! I hope to get a few blog posts done today throughout the day today! Hope everyone had a FAB weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bathroom Dance Party

SO I have this event with JH on Saturday called Girl Talk that we do every year and this is my second year to be in charge of this. I have been dotting my I's and crossing my T's all week....making sure the craft will be ready (it will), food is taken care of, "swag bags" are ready, shirts are made and everyone knows their roles! But funny thing is the person who is behind is ME! Every year (for the past 3) I have done a fun hip hop dance with the girls and I make my JH ladies do it sounds stupid but it gets everyone laughing and to look a little stupid brings everyone together! Well I have the song picked out (black eyed peas of course) and I have NOTHING done! So today at work every time I go to the restroom (thankfully alot) I take a minute or two to think thru the song and choreograph 1 8-count each time I go!! HA, if only you could see me in this small restroom dancing as quietly as I can! But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So, eh, speaking of tomato butts.....

Ok, since we are kinda on a roll here of things that "bug" me, I wanted to blog about the silly conversation me and my girlfriends at work talked about today. I told them about tomato butts and of course that opened up the "things our husbands do that bug"...............
So EVERY TIME my husband finishes a bottle like a water bottle or more specifically a 2 liter bottle of pop he does 1 of 2 things with it....
1. He will put the completely empty bottle back into the fridge so I will find it and throw it away
2. He will literally set it right ON TOP of the trash can as the bottle will magically open the lid and jump inside.
WHY?? When I ask him he will say "oh I put it there to remind me to throw it away" Are you kidding me! HAHA! It literally makes me want to grab the bottle and beat him with it! (no no, no hate mail readers... I do not beat the hubby)
So lucky Matt he may of been beat out by another friend at work named Lindsay.....her hubby leaves doors, drawers and cabinets OPEN! HA! She said she will come home and find weird cabinets open as if a ghost was living in her house! Cracks me up!
Men!!! Can't live with them and can't live without them! What does your hubby do? And if you are a male reader go ahead call out your wife!

I spell Tomatoe you spell Tomato

First of all how the heck do you spell tomato? (Talk amongst yourselves) Secondly, you know what I hate? Tomato butts!!! Yes, that weird knob left on the tomato that was once attached to the vine. I always discard this part when I cut up a fresh tomato, always...................
So why must they be included in everything else? I literally go thru each can of diced, stewed and roasted tomato's I use when cooking and pick out the "butts", it is gross. I mean at restaurants they leave them in salsa, sauces, burgers......could they not have taken the 5 seconds to cut it out?
Am I the only crazy person who this bothers so much? Does the cheese stand alone?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

False Victim- Update!

Hey guys remember awhile back I did a review on the book False Victim? If not click HERE to refresh yourself! Well it is based on a true story and the story behind the book is coming to your TV!
Below is alittle about the documentary style show from Kathie's (The authors) personal blog.......

Hello, dear ones! I don't have time to talk today, but I did want to give you a 'heads up' on when the documentary is scheduled for broadcast.
For those of you coming late to the party, let me first of all extend a 'hearty' welcome!
I am a writer and my novel, "False Victim" (based on a true story) has been made into a documentary to be aired on the ID channel (Investigation Discovery).
The program airs 10:30 ET/9:30 CT on Monday night January 31st.
It's only a 30 minute program so those of you on the East Coast, don't fret - you won't lose too much beauty sleep (wink!)
You also need to know that the producers insisted we change our names since our stalker was never prosecuted.
Our names our Bob and Mary (original, huh?) and the kids names are Nicole and Tyler.
William (Tyler) has never discussed those years. I have tried on so many occasions to get him to open up and talk to me about it and he just refuses. As a matter of fact, he can't even get past the first few chapters of the book, so the reality of him even wanting to answer the reporters questions was amazing to me.
To say that we are eager to hear his testimony is an understatement.
While they will be showing pictures of our family during the time this event transpired, William's face will be blurred during the interview for his protection.
I am still waiting on the 'green-light' for the producers to start filming the movie version. That should be any day now.
Don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions.
Til next time,

My DVR is set! Haven't read the book? Get it HERE!! And oh did I mention my good friend Traci works at the publishing house for this book? Soo cool, she knows Kathie personally!

My weekend

Hi, would you believe that I actually did some other things this weekend besides rescuing a dog? For starters on Friday night I made the Pioneer Woman's Pantry Pasta for 2 and it was delish, like I knew it would be! Even Matt my "I hate olives" hubby loved it! We then went to see No Strings Attached................It was a packed house for this romantic comedy and it was very funny. This was cute, funny and they are both so good looking it is crazy. But I will tell you this it is an R rated movie for a reason, some shockiout of the blue "stuff" and personally I think it would of been just as good as PG-13 without the added nonsense but oh well. Will I rent it to watch again when it comes out? Heck ya!
So I finally finsihed Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor.....all 1,000 tiny printed pages.....this was a labor of love and it took me 2 weeks to finish. You see this is my dear friend Natalie's favorite book of ALL time and I was glad she shared it with me! The jest is that this is a Historical Romance set in London during the black plague and Great Fire which was such an interesting time. I loved how this was historically correct and would you believe that when this first came out in the 40s it was banned and considered shocking. Amber is a girl who knows what she wants and will do anything to make something of herself.....even if that means losing loved ones!
I truly enjoyed this book and loved the time period, with her writing I could picture everything in my head so vividly. If you love history I think you will love this book! Let me know if you ever read this, I would love to discuss it with you guys!


Last night I said my goodbyes to this sweet dog and it was definitely bittersweet sending her off to a new home. I will start by saying I don't think it was chance that of all homes for her to walk up to that it was mine. I mean not everyone would of done what Matt and I did! And she deserves the best!
Poor baby was anxious was we drove to Pets Mart to meet her new owners, she has had a tramatic few days I am sure............
Here she is as the new family drove up and I wonder if she was thinking "I can see them" was hard to give her up and when I got home last night the house seemed to silent with just 3 dogs instead of 4! HA!
And here is her new family......I know Johnna from The Yard Dawgz, we danced together for a few years!! Her and her hubby drove in 45minutes to pick up the dog and they told me she is fitting in perfectly, and they have named her Loba which means "She Wolf" in Spanish! They are already in love with her and that warms my heart!
Thank you to Johnna and her hubby and THANK YOU to everyone who passed the information along and tried to help me find her a home! I am loving my 24 hour turn around rate!
Loba, I will miss you and I hope you are happy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Tears..

So I did it, that sweet little lady has a home and we meet her new owners at 6:30! It isn't official until I actual see them but this is great news! And I know her.....Johnna and me use to dance together for the Arena Football Team, she and her hubby are going to giver her a true loving home. She already has a few Huskies and said she felt it was fate that she read my blog today!!
But I seem to get attached too easy....I am very sad, it is like giving up a child!
I will update you all tomorrow but HUGE thanks to everyone to tried and helped! Mucho appreciated!

Calling ALL dog lovers......

So we all know that animals flock to me and yesterday I truly believe that God showed this little lady the way to my house because we would and will help her!  I have taken in, got medical care and adopted out countless dogs and cats before her and I did it again!!!! Sunday when I got back from getting groceries this adorable little girl was scared and alone in my front yard. It took Matt and I a good 20minutes to gain her trust and lure her into our backyard. But after she felt safe and loved I can not believe how she opened up!
Matt and I papered our whole area looking for owners, we also took her to get looked over at Pets Mart and she doesn't have a chip either. They said she is roughly 10months old, Husky mix and in excellent health!
We immediately fell head over heels in love with her and we call her sweet pea, we didn't want to mix her with all our dogs yet so we did an "animal shuffle" to get her in and out of the is something I do know...doing the right thing is not the easy thing. Our dogs cried at the office door all night because they knew she was in there. So today after work I am going to pay for her to be boarded at my vet until I find her a home.
Something we know about her..........
1. She is better behaved than all my own animals
2. She is loving, kind and beyond sweet natured
3. She is house trained
4. She let us love her to pieces
5. And finally that I am already so attached I can barely imagine letting her go.
But my friends I CAN NOT have a 5th animal so I am looking for a home not just any home.....I don't want her to just be a beautiful accessory to your backyard. I am looking for a loving and kind home for her. I will buy you a bag of dog food to start you off!!!!!
So please if you want her or know of anyone who does please call, text, comment or email me! And please pass this Blog post on to ALL your friends!, 405-476-1610 

Friday, January 21, 2011

What am I doing tonight?

Dinner and a movie of course? My most favorite thing to do!!! I am cooking tonight which is different because Friday is usually out to dinner night but I got a hanking so why not?! And I am making none other than PW's Pantry Pasta for Two!! Yum, my tummy is growling already!! I just have to swing by the store and get chicken and everything else guessed it, in my pantry!!
To check it out click HERE!!
Then Matt and I have tickets for the 7:25 showing of No Strings Attached, I was not super excited about this when I first saw the trailer but it rubbed off! I love movies and this looks cute! I will let you all know come Monday!
Also, I MUST finish the book Forever Amber I am is 1,000 pages mini print, this is a BEAST! So hopefully you will have a few reviews from me come Monday!
What are you doing this weekend?
See you later, have a good weekend


Hi friends! Guess what? It is FRIDAY! And to make it even better I got some picture updates on my sweet little girl Naipoki in Kenya! For those of you who don't know or are a new reader...I adopted a oprhan Elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for Christmas! She seems to be thriving and healing more each day which makes me so happy because her counterpart Wasin a beautiful little girl who I almost picked passed away a few weeks ago. So sad....but do you know they can die of heart break? That is why their keepers live with them 24 hours a day to build a relationship that they once had with their mothers!
I would just kill to go and meet my little girl..............
Taking a nap in the brush with her keeper!
Little Naipoki getting some love...............
This cracks me up, they said she was exploring the bush but wouldn't go more than a few feet away from her keeper. So brave! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I Am...working from home today.

I Want...Matt to find out when/where his Farmers district will be so we can get on with our lives.

I Have...been blessed with a BIG heart.

I Wish...I knew what I wanted to be when I grew grow up.

I Hate...rude people who only think about "numero uno".

I Fear...death. (and spiders)

I Hear...complete silence at my house right now.

I Search...for new homes.

I Wonder...where my life will take me.

I Regret...that I interrupt people so much, I don't mean to....I just get so excited sometimes.

I small family of 2 plus our 4 animals.

I matter....and to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

I Always...paint my own nails, every week since forever.

I early or right on time.

I Am Not...perfect.

I Dance...with a passion for dance and I dance to remember all the good things dance has brought me in my life.

I Sing...awful.

I Never...say never.

I Rarely...workout which MUST change.

I Cry...alot more than I use too. 

I Am Not Always...sure of myself.

I when I see those ASPCA commercial on the TV. Why people?

I'm Confused...about why money doesn't grow on trees?.

I be more optimistic.

I Should...learn to say NO.

Who Are You?
I copied this wonderful idea from a new blogger friend over at American Honey, Thanks! (you can visit her blog by clicking HERE)


Oklahoma City is covered in ICE today!! They say that this afternoon as the sun comes out everything will clear up but for now I am huddled in my house working from my warm office!  The whole "I can work from home thing" really comes in handy on days like today! I hope everyone is safe and warm today!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An ode to garlic...

Dear Garlic,
I can not express how much I love you so.......I always put you in way more than a recipe calls for and I use you like you are going out of style! Because of me I must be paying for at least 1 garlic farmers yearly salary! I add you to almost everything humanly possible with the exception of desserts and I swear I always reek of garlic, so thanks for that. Thank you for preparing me for if the world is suddenly taken over by vampires I am ready, much appreciated! I love to mash you, chop you, mince you, roast you, sautee you and sprinkle you over everything.
Thank you for being there for me............
Much Love, your dear friend Nicole

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So? Whats next?

Hi friends! I debated for about a week whether to write this post or not but it always (well most of the time) makes me feel good to get things out in this wide open space I call my blog!! So I have been feeling a little blue, not Navy blue but more like baby blue since the 1st of the new year. I am guessing that alot of people my age who do not have children will go thru something like this........whats next?
I mean I am almost 30 with no kids so I am here at a point where I am thinking "what do I do now"? Which is odd because I am always busy, but doing what? You see with Matt he is working towards his career in Farmers and sometime soon getting his own District. He is also setting the ground work for our future and I suppose some kid-less people do instead work towards career goals...but me? I am not sure if my currrent "job" is my career. Yes, yes I am one of "those people" the "When will I find out what I want to be when I grow up people". I do know my role in our little family that consists of bringing home a salary to cover our bills so Matt can save and concentrate on this career, I take care of the animals, I also sell Scentsy which I LOVE and I serve on the Board of Junior Hospitality Club which I will continue to do for some time.
But I mean what am I doing? Last year as silly as it sounds I planned and saved for Matt's big 3-0 all year which gave me something to do and plan for but this year? I dunno. I do hope that maybe towards the end of this year we can start looking seriously for a new home and that will be great fun. But with no kids to plan for I am feeling a little empty. And NO please don't comment and tell me to have some.....NOT YET. It is not in our 3-5 year plan but someday....yes! There are much more things to do on our "list" before that becomes #1. Hello, with all my migraine/health insurance trouble I do not even have maternity coverage. But that is another day another topic............
So I ask you if you have or don't have kids do you ever feel this way? Am I normal? Was this too much soul searching for a Tuesday?


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