Sunday, February 28, 2010

The race for Oscar...

SO I am excited about the Oscars next week since you all know how much I love movies it is only fitting for me to be excited about the awards. This past week I have been hearing alot about The Hurt Locker and how the race will pretty much be neck & neck with I wanted to see what the fuss is all about......
Something interesting is this movie was directed by James Cameron's ex wife...can we say rivalry? Well this movie was soo different from Avatar I don't even know how you could compare the two. The Hurt Locker is a raw, gritty and emotional portrayal of what it is really like to be serving in Iraq and more importantly what it is like to be on the bomb squad. There actually is not much of a "story line" to this movie but more like a look inside this squad who wears the crazy lead suits (below) and deactivate road side bombs. I mean everyday is a true live or die for these guys and rightfully so they are full of mixed emotions. I think this is eye-opening and you should watch it, I enjoyed this movie immensely .......but when I tried to go to sleep last night my mind could not help but worry about my brother who will be deployed later this year.
Have any of you see this movie? Thoughts?
I guess we will see next week who wins the big one....but my heart still belongs to Avatar!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Little bit of this and that

I will start with a little update........Food Inc was a good documentary (yes, I finally watched it) I enjoyed it and was glad to see that the images/clips were not as "shocking" as I feared they would be. I thought it was so informative and did get a little repetitive at times but you should watch this if you care where your food is coming from. It is crazy how commercial everything has become including how our food is made. I also read Food Rules and thought it was super short and good....but to be honest if you go to a book store and skim it at the store you will get the jest! Now on to 2 books I just finished.................
This James Patterson was about a brother & sister who realize they are in fact a witch and a wizard they then find themselves on the run from a crazy corrupt government, the twists include other dimensons and magic. This was a very short quick read and I really enjoyed it. I think this book was geared towards teens or at least that is how it is written, I could also see this as a movie and side note.....there will be a book 2!
The Memory Keepers Daughter was about how a secret can impact a family, the person who keeps it and the people who don't even know it is being kept. This was very tragic and at times sad to read how this family is torn apart by the distance this secret keeps between them. I liked this book and I have since found out this is a Lifetime movie and several friends of mine have watched it and loved it. I recommend this book, let me know if you read it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have decided to re-visit "Thankful Thursday" and I was inspired by a great friend Sara over in Vegas. You can see her HERE.
So here we go I picked some light hearted ones....

1. I am super thankful for my animals, no really I am. They fill my heart with so much love and joy I could not imagine life without them. I love watching each of their own very different personalities grow.

2.I am thankful for one of my best friends Melissa (yes, you may know her as my God baby's mama) I love that we allow each other to vent, rant or complain without judgement. I love that we have so much fun when we are together but I also love that we each have separate groups of friends and though we may not always be together with a friendship like ours we don't have to be.

3. I am thankful that God blessed me to be a reader! Not all people do and I am so glad that reading is something I love, because if you are not a "reader" you have no idea what you are missing out.

4. And finally for today I am thankful that I love, don't laugh... I am for real. Since I am cooking for one most nights now with Matt working late I seem to just leave out a meat all together and make veggies galore. I cook everything that Matt doesn't like and I love every bite!

I hope you all have a great remainder of the week....tonight I am hold a Grant Review meeting with my committee from JH. We all "investigated" non-profits who submitted applications and tonight my group will review and vote for the final 3 that we will then propose for the membership to vote on. This is a very exciting night!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chips for Charity

So Chips for Charity is Junior Hospitality Club's BIG event and this is my second year to be on the Chips event committee!!! I have tickets for sale and they are $50 a person and I will meet you anywhere for the exchange if you want to come!! This event has it all Vegas gaming, auction, food, drinks and fun!!!! Get your tickets EARLY because this event will sell out!!!! All the proceeds go to The CARE Center and will benefits the kids court program which will prepare children before they have to testify about their can't find a more worthy cause!
So message me if you want to come!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DC Talk

So today I finally got around to putting together my new CD case Matt got me for Christmas today...Yes, I still buy CD's although I have an IPod I prefer the old school method. When I was going thru CD's I came across one of my ALL TIME favorites...DC Talk. In case you are not familiar they are/were a HUGE Christian group when I was in Jr High & High School and still to this day they are the best! Their songs speak loudly, contain messages and you can jamb to them. I got a tad emotional when I listened to their CD because not only did memories flood back but I was overwhelmed with how much I still love them. I think they sing the most romantic song ever and when I was in Jr High I would dream about this song and how God had a "Godsend" for me here are the words................
Hoping, praying, I've been waiting
Everybody needs somebody to love
There's no question, straight from heaven
You're my angel, I'm so crazy for you

You're a Godsend
A blessing from above
You've been God-sent to me
You're the Godsend
I've been dreaming of
You're a Godsend

Holding your hand, touching your face
I will love you now and always I swear
I will never forget that first moment we met
When two worlds collided and I found my best friend

(repeat chorus)

I was made for you, you were made for me
In this lonely world, we were meant to be in love

I will never forget that first moment we met
When two worlds, they crashed in
And I found my best friend

And if you ever went to Church Camp or an over-nighter you can NOT leave without hearing this song...........
Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me.....Do you remember DC Talk?? If so you should dig out the CD's and show your kids I think they are still cool today and always!

Am I the only one?

Ok disclaimer........YES, I do watch every week and I always get sucked into this show.....BUT, am I the only one who thinks Jake is a real loser? I mean I know he is "Mr. Nice Guy" but here are some facts to support my opinion...
1. WHY why why must he run to each girl on every date and pick her up and hold her like a child? It bugs!
2. He dresses straight out of the 80s with mock turtle necks, shirts tucked into his jeans and then colored tees under a blazer. GAG ME
3. And the BIG one is he will pick "Vienna Sausage"
4. He is super short....I read he is barely 5'10".....just look he is the same size as all the girls
5. He is a BACK UP pilot and his main business is owning a limo company.

I know, I know HARSH....but I think I am the only person in America who is not in love with Jake. UGG, he bugs

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Saturday...

So yesterday other than going to see Shutter Island with Matt, I had a full day of fun!! My morning started off this a crazy trip to the Oklahoma Fair grounds for the Friends of the Library sale and I had NO IDEA what I was in store for. So it is in the Expo Hall Saturday and Sunday from 9-3 and all books are 2$ and UNDER and they also tell you to bring your own bags to I brought a tote bag thinking I was prepared....OH NO! People were hauling in suitcases, trashcans on wheels and shopping carts lie! There were a million people looking at each table that was spread and stacked with books, it was overwhelming to say the least!! But after 2 hours of fighting crowds I left will all the books below for ONLY $17!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And some of these are bestsellers and all from great authors! Over all I will go again next year but I will be better prepared and maybe have backup! ha

After the movie we headed up to Edmond to go to LIFE Church with Matt's family and out to dinner to celebrate his mother Micki's Birthday. We always have the best of times with his family and left with mega full belly's!!!!! I was sad that I missed Book Club tonight (my first miss) but there will always be next time!

Today.....I am off to some Scentsy Training at my Directors home in Edmond, it is always nice to share tips and ideas! Have a great Sunday friends!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shutter Island

So I am not gonna lie, I have been looking forward to this movie since last October when it was originally going to be released. So that puts alot of pressure on this movie to be amazing...and finally this afternoon Matt and I got to watch this 2 hour and 30min mystery. This is hard because like many great movies I can not say much without giving anything away. The "jest" in a nutshell is Leo's character is a Marshall and he is sent to this Mental hospital for the criminally insane that is located on a creepy island because a patient has disappeared. A big portion of this movie is flashbacks and hallucinations which can be a tad confusing and you may find yourself thinking what in the world does that have to do with anything...ah, but it will. The first 1 1/2 hours I won't lie is slow and I was a tad worried that this would not live up to it's bill but the last 30minutes of this movie makes everything so clear and ties it together in a nice ribbon for you. The whole movie will have you thinking about a million possible scenarios but the truth? Will be nothing what it seems. This was great and I was more than pleased!!!
For all you wanting to know about the had some blood, cursing and oddly a random scene of male nudity but to be completely honest it was more of a PG-13 ish R, if that makes any sense at all.
Over all this was great and I look forward to watching this again to see if I can catch things I did not see the first time!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pure Joy.....

So i have been pretty upset all day.....why you ask? Because a beautiful stray and extremely skinny boxer dog has been roaming my street. This morning as Matt was leaving for work this poor thing ran up to us and as I soon as I got good look at his ribs I ran in to get him food & water. The last thing Matt said to me before he left was "no, we can not take in a 5th animal or pay for another animals vet bills until we find it a home" and he is right, I can't just bring him in around my boys in case he is sick and time after time we pay as I take a stray animal to the vet to board him while I find him a home. So I go on about my day but all I can think about is this dog, I see him this afternoon laying in my yard and my heart literally broke.....................
Well tonight after I got home from JH meeting I went out to look for him, to feed him and I could not find him so I went inside and upstairs............and what did I see? But the stray dog in the yard behind me...I was OVER JOYED! So me being the crazy person I am at 9pm at night, I walked over to their house; a preacher and his family whom I only met once and knocked on their door.................They were shocked but I told them about how I like to rescue animals and how much I appreciated the kindness they showed that dog and I gave them an unopened 20 Pound of Dog Chow that I bought for my boys. I just wanted them to know that their kind deed was appreciated they were shocked that someone would go out of their way to do such a thing.

And as I walked back to my house all I thought was that doing a good deed is really rather selfish because I am sure I feel much better than they do! Thank you God for answering my prayers about that dog!!!

Snooze- fest

So I watched this movie last night and not only did Love NOT happen but nothing really happened at all! I mean I love Jennifer Aniston and if I could look only half as good as she does when I am 41 things will be great..........but......she always plays the same character; the quirky, off the beaten path, looking for love gal in movies. And this is exactly who she was in this movie. The lead man Aaron plays a gentlemen who wrote a self help book after loosing his wife and go figure he meets Jennifer's character and she helps to mend his torn heart. I thought this was actually painfully boring and if I were you I would wait until it comes out on cable!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You are what you eat?

So I watched Oprah about a week or two ago and she had Michael Pollan as her guest and they were discussing his new book Food Rules. This book is small, witty and to the point. And what it is not? A self help or a diet book. This is a short and eye opening read with one chapter called "The whiter the bread, the sooner you will be dead". This is a good read really for anyone who wants to eat healthier and it is really food for thought.
Michael is also the master mind behind this documentary which I am dying to see. I will let you all know my "review" when I get around to watching this. I am timid because I worry that they will try to "shock & awe" you with gruesome images of slaughter which would kill me. A great friend of mine Allison (B) once said "I will always love my steak but all animals deserve respect in life and in death" And that really struck a cord with me and she could not of been more spot on.
I am always wanting to learn something new, discover a read new book/movie or read something that will strike a point in me and food is the main thing that brings people together. With that being said I think what we put in our mouths does deserve a tad more thought that the wait at a drive thru line.....I am working on it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have a deal for you...................
If you book a party with me for February this is what you will get...
1. Everything is 10% off all month!
2. You will get 1/2 off items for hosting PLUS 10% of your party sales in FREE Stuff
3. And for hosting for me I will get you a FREE WARMER of your choice!!!!!!!!!

Click on the warmers above to be directed to my website or please email me at if you are interested! Party's are easy/cheesy...I will help you will anything you need!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend!

My friend Amanda started my Valentine's Weekend right with a yummy box of Truffles!! And I even decided to share with Matt! ha, I guess it must of been the love in the air that made me share!
Matt got me a dozen roses, he is so very sweet....I also got a cute card and he managed to get me a card from all the animals also! hehe Thank You !
Saturday night was soo much fun, we had this planned for about 2 weeks. Matt & I along with Melissa and her hubby John celebrated together in the Warren Balcony!!! The Warren did a special Valentine's Dinner including champagne, prime rib and cheesecake! We watched Valentine's Day (more on that later) and had such a great time...I have said it a million times but combining my love of food and movies is a dream come true! And throw in a great friend and her hubby and I could not of been happier!
Valentine's Day was funny, clever and sentimental. Overall I enjoyed this movie and I can tell you that once it comes out on DVD it is such an easy movie to watch I will wear the DVD out. The negative was that with soo many stars everyone only seemed to get 10min on screen and there were so many story lines to keep straight. There were a couple of last minute surprises but I don't want to ruin then for anyone!! But considering it was V-Day this was the perfect light hearted movie!
Sunday Matt and I decided to celebrate the day with some Gore. That is what the R-rating said "images of Gore". I had to look it up to make sure I wasn't getting myself in over my head! Wolfman was good not great just good. I don't think it needed the R but they threw in some gutting and some dangling intestines and there ya have it. Benicio (the lead) was a perfect Wolfman and I love Emily Blunt who was a great "damsel in distress". This was a perfect Sunday afternoon movie but if you are not dying to see this....then wait until it comes out on DVD!
So overall I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all did also! Have a great week!

"Your my Best Friend..."

Guess What?? My Bestie Amanda and her husband Buddy came to stay with us Friday..and it isn't until we get to spend time together do I realize just how much I miss her! (She lives in Tulsa) They came to OKC for a "Meet & Greet Party" Friday night that they let Matt & I tag along. This past weekend was a huge craft fair called Affair of the Heart, this is the 25th Anniv of this event and they held an invitation only Dessert party on Friday night that we attended. Amanda is the GM for the Tulsa Fair (yes, she is only 27 too) and she had to make an appearance and talk to the founders of the event!
After the party the 4 of us went to a late Mexican dinner before coming home to crash!
ps....we did not plan to match but Matt got home late from work and didn't have time to change!
Saturday Amanda and I did what we do BEST....SHOP!!!!!!!!! And get this, these shoes we both got after falling in LOVE! They are these amazing ballet flats that feel like you are walking on air and the "bling" is interchangeable!!!!!!!!! I know! Here is on my picture to go and look... (
We had a great time and it is always nice to catch up!!!

Positive Tomorrows

Last Friday myself and some of my JH gals volunteered at Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children.Being the Community Outreach Chair picking the monthly volunteer place is hard but after learning about this school and everything they do this month was a no-brainer! We threw them a Valentine's Party and for some this will be the only party they have had or potentially will have for who knows how long. These children were beyond excited and the joy on their faces was contagious! We did a "Decorate your own Cookie" party and when I came up with that idea I didn't realize how messy this would be!! Ha, messy but rewarding! I also made up fun little goodie bags for everyone to take home!! Below are pictures of the event and something that was even sadder was a child who has a special name tag because he can not be photographed....this was because his mother and him are in hiding due to domestic violence! If you want to learn more about this school or find ways you can help please click HERE!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hearts of Hope Tea

So yesterday myself and some of my fellow JH Board Members went to the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission Hearts of Hope Tea! This was held at the Oklahoma Heritage and Cowboy Museum. We had a wonderful time learning more about what the Rescue does and how they plan on expanding! You can learn more about this wonderful organization by clicking HERE!
This is Sarah our President and myself! Inside the Tea was filled with warmth and love and outside it was snowing again!
Look how beautiful they decorated the room!! It was so cheerful, they had over 500 women attend and I was lucky enough to be asked to serve as a Hostess. My name was also in the program, kinda cool! It is always a great thing to get the word out about JH!
Look at this beautiful Tea a Hostess gift I got to take the pot with me to remember the event and my gals each got a tea cup and saucer!
Here is Susan and Natalie enjoying a great meal catered by the Petroleum Club of Southwest Salad and Cheesecake!
All of us walked away feeling very blessed and grateful for what we have in life!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last night some of my amazing JH gals got together for good food, good friends and Becky's Birthday!! We went to Iguana Mexican and it was Taco Tuesday, I had never been and it was so yummy. We did have to wait for 1 1/2 hours to be sat but those 1$ Taco's were everything we were promised!
Here is Sarah and the Birthday Girl!!!! Happy Birthday Becky! 21 again?
Me and my friend Allison, I am so glad she choose to join JH this year she is a perfect addition to the group! She has such a kind heart and a warm smile!
Here is the whole gang along with our new friend Mary mother of Jesus! Really though, I had the most fun time! I am soo thankful for these girls they put the biggest smile on my face and we could not of had a better time!


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