Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I know Thanksgiving seems so far away but really it is right around the corner. Why am I talking Thanksgiving? Well a non-profit I love in OKC is the City Rescue Mission and they do a HUGE Thanksgiving Day meal for the homeless and for $1.77 you can feed someone. They are already planning and raising funds for this Thanksgiving and I want to tell you how you can help!
With Junior Hospitality Club this year I will be volunteering at the Mission in October and it is a wonderful place that houses, feeds, helps, teaches the homeless and gets them back on their feet! They do so much more to visit their website click HERE!
If you would be so kind to donate to the Thanksgiving Meal I would appreciate it...you don't have to give much, I can't give alot but every little bit helps! Click HERE to be directed to the site to help feed someone this Holiday Season!

Terrific 2s!!!

So this past Sunday was my God Daughter Kendall's 2nd Birthday Party!!! Her mom needed something easy considering she is due with baby #2 in 10 days so her "Cupcake" Themed party was at a local park!! But the downside? The HEAT!
Here is Kendall in her Cupcake outfit!!!! She is so grown up! Melissa made the cute outfit.....
The Cupcakes were to die for.....well anything from Amy Cakes is best!!
Amy Cakes did all my showers and wedding!
Kendall is a girl after my own heart....she loves animals and she could not get enough of the ducks!! I love her disheveled hair...she tried to feed the ducks her hair bow!
Kendall opening all her loot! That was her gift from me....a ballerina outfit to play dress up with!!
Yumm........who doesn't love sweets!?
This was one of her gifts....she is going to be the BEST big sister!

Monday, August 30, 2010


This Saturday I did a table at a Authentic Custom Homes open house and I was holding it up in the Master Bedroom. It was slow I will admit but since I was able to do this for free any money was good money! thanks to my friend Becky K for hooking me up!
If you want to check Scentsy out today is the LAST day for 10% off everything on my site and Wednesday the new line debuts.

FINAL Challenge

Yes, yes I am well aware that here at the end I have skipped a few challenge's and well.....too bad! HA! I am going to wrap this challenge up today with ....
"What are your hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365"??

Well, it is odd talking about the next 365 days here at the end of August but I will give this my best shot.....
* I hope to continue to support Matt and his career so we can be on the fast track to him getting his own "district" within Farmers
*I hope to give Matt a wonderful 30th Birthday
*I want to truly enjoy the Holidays.......do "christmas-y" things and spent time with Matt
*I want to get the most out of Fall, my favorite time of the year!!!!
*I hope that we can start the new home search
*I also hope that my car doesn't die and that I can get a new one? Anyone interested in a 02 Trailblazer pushing 150k miles? HA
*I want my animals to be healthy and happy!

That is it, just some fun nothing to deep things!!!!!!!!!!


I am going to apologize to all my followers...lately my posts have been thrown together, I don't take as many pictures as I use to and I rarely blog about recipes these days. So what gives? I am not sure...I have been "un-inspired" lately and I am not sure why? Maybe it is the last dog days of summer or who knows.....but I am going to try to be better, give me a few days! I am still the same old me...just more boring!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who wants 20% Off?

Hi Guys!!! So tomorrow the Real Estate company I work for is having a open house in a custom built home that they have for sale and they have decided to include a Women's Market!! Well...I am holding down the Scentsy Table so who wouldn't want to see great real estate and have great shopping?!!
I have about $700 in product to sell on hand including OU & OSU warmers!!!
IF you come to the open house and tell me you saw this blog post I will give you 20% OFF any items I have on hand!!!!
I would love to see you or meet you so please come by and bring friends!!! I mean 20% OFF!!!!!!
Tomorrow 11-3, 2205 NW 159th in the North Hampton addition! Between 150th & 164th West of Penn!!!
Hope to see everyone there!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Night at Chateau Marmont

Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Wiesberger
Brooke loved reading the dishy celebrity gossip rag Last Night. That is, until her marriage became a weekly headline......Everything changes after Julian is asked to perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno—and is catapulted to stardom, literally overnight. Amazing opportunities begin popping up almost daily—a new designer wardrobe, a tour with Maroon 5, even a Grammy performance.At first the newfound fame is fun—who wouldn’t want to stay at the Chateau Marmont or visit the set of one of television’s hottest shows? But when rumors about Brooke and Julian swirl in the tabloid magazines, she begins to question the truth of her marriage and is forced to finally come to terms with what she thinks she wants—and what she actually needs.
This is the same author of the Devil Wears Prada and this book does not disappoint!!! I read this in 2 nights and loved every minute of it!!! If you are looking for an end of summer read this is the ONE!!!! This was so fun and I hope this will be a movie one day too!

Challenge 25 & 26

Challenge Days 25 & 26 - Explain your Day & Week in detail!

Since I missed yesterday I will combine these two while trying not to bore you all to death!!!!
Monday- What in the heck did I do Monday? Wow, this is sad....Here is what I remember.....I went to work as usual. I actually did alittle bit of online shopping. I went home made a shrimp dinner, watched Bachelor Pad and then finished a GREAT book. (Review to come in a few)
Tuesday- I went to work, and they are staining/ painting in the building so I felt sick. I went home and was excited that a book I pre-ordered months ago was waiting for me on my Kindle....The Mocking jay, the 3rd book in the Hunger Games! OOh!! ps....I made Amish friendship bread...to DIE for! I THEN.....made packets to hand out at the Scentsy show I am doing Saturday! Wish me luck!
Wednesday- I opened one eye at 7 and WHAM a migraine about knocked me out!! SO I got up took my mega pill and called in to work....I then returned to bed until 11. I got up, ate, had some coffee and re-assessed the situation. I got to feeling a little better so I went to check out the new 1/2 price book store by my house and then came back home to lay down. I then watched The Back Up Plan on the couch with my dogs and had a enjoyable afternoon with the exception of the migraine nausea. Around 5 I fixed myself dinner and as soon as I sat down at the coffee table with a bite on my fork Abner jumped off the couch and yacked on my leg!! So I threw dinner away and took care of Abby, I was worried he threw up for about an hour!!! Finally we relaxed and watched the season premiere of Ghost Hunters!!!! THEN last night we heard ALL sorts of commotion outside around 10pm and I opened the door to find 2 police cars and it freaked me out. I am home alone every night until about 10:30 but last night Matt was home earlier for once. He went outside and then found out the lady next door called 911because some strange man was beating on her door demanding to come in. Creepy, I live in a real nice part of town so this was odd to me!
Today- I have been at work and then I got my hair done over lunch! So we will see where the afternoon takes me!
WHEW!!! Bored yet??

Hi Friends!

I was out yesterday .....home with a migraine all day! But I am feeling better and back at work today, I have a few posts to catch everyone up on..........but first I must catch up at work! Be back later!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Since you all already think I am weird....

Ok so your mind is probably too boggled by the picture above to ask what I am going to say! HA, but I went home for lunch today and I had something that is very normal to me but may not be to you. I had Ramen noodles for lunch yes....people outside of college do still eat them! But ever since I was little my mom and Oma would serve it along side a spoon of peanut butter. Yes, you heard me right.....what do I do with this spoon of peanut butter? Eat it up, yup just plain in between bites of ramen. It must be the oddest thing to everyone but to me it is normal! Who knew the perfect side dish to Ramen was a spoon of peanut butter!

Challenge 24

Challenge Day 24- Whatever Tickles your fancy
So this is short and random but I am kinda weird about my alarm clock....we all know I am a "Bed Nazi" and need everything to be even and in order but what you don't know is how I like odd numbers. I do not know what started this or why I even do it BUT each night when I set my alarm clock I set it to an odd number. Like 6:23am or 7:17am...I know it is very random and weird but it is something I started once upon a time that has now turned into another bedtime ritual.
Wow, I bet you all are just so glad I shared.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenge Day 23

Challenge Day 23- A Favorite You Tube Video!
Well I was going to go all sad on you with a heartfelt piece on animals but I don't want to get all verklempt at work today....so I went with a funny one! This is one of my favorite songs "Feeling Good" and singers "Michael Buble" and this kid cracks my junk up....please watch!


Hi Friends! Another work week is already here!!!! Did everyone have a great weekend? I did, we did a little bit of everything...some shopping, relaxing, cleaning, movie watching you name it!!! Matt also decided that Saturday was time to give the boys a bath!!!! The weenies were in the tub and then Matt gave Ralph a bath outside and he looks so cute!! Afterwards they were all running around the house like wet rats filled with excitement, it was the cutest thing! Here is my Ralphie....
I am behind on my 30 day challenge because once again I had posts set on schedule for the weekend but neither of them posted so I must be doing something wrong! I will try to catch up today!!!
We also went to see The Switch with Jennifer Aniston....it was SO cute, Matt and I both enjoyed this light hearted movie and I recommend it!!! Have a great day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Challenge 22

Challenge Day 22- Your favorite Website!!
Once again I can not pick JUST one..........so I have two VERY different ones I love and check daily!!!
1. Perez Hilton, I love this smut website and this is where I get all my celebrity dirt!! He should have a gossip magazine!
2. The Food Network!!! I love love watching all my shows over the weekend and then printing them all at come Monday morning!!! I DVR all the shows and then go thru them to see which ones I want to watch and try!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Challenge Day 21

Challenge Day 21- Favorite Recipe!
I post all the recipes I make and fall in LOVE with under my "In the Kitchen" tab on my navigation bar so you know where to find em! But can I pick just one? NO way......but I have to! So I picked a wonderfully "Parisian" Meal that I have made a couple of times, and it always makes you feel good when people beg for you to make it!!!! So I guess it is good and it is not just me!! SO click HERE to see it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Challenge Day 20

30 Day Challenge Day 20- What is your Hobby?
A hobby to me is something you enjoy doing in your spare time and I have 3 things that I love do the most!
1. Cooking/Baking, I love watching cooking shows and then trying out the new recipes. I DVR practically every show on Food Network in case it is something I will want to try! I love trying out a new dessert and I usually make something new every Sunday for Matt & I! I look forward to one day when I have a kitchen that is not the size of a cracker jack box so I can expand on my hobby!!
2. Reading, I love reading books and magazines!!! I lay in bed every night for at least an hour and read before I fall asleep. Reading is the perfect relaxing escape after a long day!
3. Lastly...going to Movies!! I think we all know how much I love going to the movies if not for the large amount of "Movie Reviews" I always share with you all! Honestly the Moore Warren which is a beautiful theatre by my house if one of my most favorite places to be!
Those are my current Hobbies.....I also have boxes filled with scrapbook stuff that I keep meaning to start on so one day I will re-ignite my hobby for scrapbooking!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my NEW favorite show............... Last Chance Highway on Animal Planet!
Last Chance Highway is an eight-part series that focuses on the monumental mission of a dedicated handful of animal rescuers. The stakes are high for Shelly Bookwalter and Kyle Peterson and for the soon-to-be-euthanized dogs they are fighting to save.
Shelly below is my HERO, she is ME only much much better!! Shelly, just like me picks up animals on the road but she also saves animals at the pound from being put down. She is amazing, her and her hubby use their own money, time and resources to save these animals! I love how she keeps bringing more dogs home and you watch her fall in love with them!! Her house is FULL and I LOVE it! You must watch this show Saturday nights on Animal Planet!!! I want to be Shelly when I grow up and I am not kidding!
Last episode she went to the pound on "PTSD" Put to sleep day and saved as many as she could and at the same time my heart so so full of love and hope for these dogs but also broke for those who could not be saved!
I am SO Thankful for Shelly and her team if only the world was filled with more people like her!

Day 19- I am a "Use-to-BEE"

30 Day Challenge- Day 19 What is your Talent? DANCE!
For those of you who don't know me or are new to my blog I am a "retired" dancer!!  I have taken dance since the age of 2 and I just stopped at age 27!! Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it. I danced at a studio growing up, competed and even got to perform at Disney Worlds "Magic Music Days", I was a Pom Girl in HS, danced and choreographed for my sorority at rush and homecoming and I even danced professionally for 4 years. Below is some of the highlights from my professional "career".............
I danced for Oklahoma's Arena football team for 4 years...the Yard Dawgz and I LOVED them!!! Can you pick me out below? This is a dance I actually choreographed for our "Pre-Game" show.........
Cheering on the sidelines!! Little did Matt know when he met me that he would spend 2 years of his life at sporting events watching me dance from the stands! Get this....he got free season tickets to everything and he said he had his fill of games for awhile after those 2 years were up!
Then I was lucky enough to dance for the OKC Hornets!! It was a dream come true...as far as dance goes the NBA is one of the top places you can take your talent too! And no we didn't just cheer at games and stand around (that bugs me).....we danced 3xs at 40 games and practiced over 9 hours a week on top of OVER 40 hours of "appearances"...AND I was working full time. Yes, it almost killed me!
The next are some of the professional pictures given to me from game photographers I am lucky enough to have them as memories!!
We were called the "Honeybees" so that is why I am a "Use-to-BEE" as in I use to be really fit and I use to be someone cool! LOL
Oh yes, don't kid yourself.. "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" this is OKLAHOMA people!
It was kinda neat signing autographs, we all took turns at half time sitting at a table in the arena....in our home office we have a wall that has all my posters and autograph cards hung...called memory lane!
So that will conclude the Talent portion of this post!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 18 (Warning picture overload)

Challenge Day 18 is Whatever Tickles your Fancy....so I am going to talk about what I did yesterday!!
Delta Delta Delta Bid Day 2010
Ok, I will try to explain what Rush is for those of you who do not know....about 1500 girls spend 5 days visiting houses and then the girls will cut houses they don't like and the houses will cut girls they don't like so it is "mutual" thing. Each house will end up with about 60 new pledges and it is an intense process. OU is a HUGE Greek School and it is a BIG deal to rush and pledge. I was a Tri Delt and that made Marissa a legacy but I told her pick any house she wanted!! But how fun that Tri Delt was #1 this year in her eyes and everyone else's too....she even had 2 girls quit because Tri Delt cut them and they didn't want anything else! So here is how Bid Day works..........
All the parents gather in the bottom of the dorms because you are not allowed upstairs until the "Bids" are handed out, this is us waiting...............
Then each girl gets a knock on the door and handed a formal Bid then girls come flying down the stairs screaming, yelling and crying...I am NOT kidding it is MASS chaos! Marissa and her bestie Macey both got Tri Delt they jumped around and screamed...it was so cute!
Next up, you run (I mean run with excitement) to the house (which is not close might I add)....because the whole house is waiting for you!!! It is CRAZY!! And all the fraternity boys were lined up yesterday hooting and hollering as the girls ran down the street! Ok...weather, it poured on us and it was like 95 with 100% humidity ...I literally was sweating thru my dress and felt like a flipping water buffalo!
Above is Marissa running into the arms of her new sisters and below is a glimpse of just the South Greek row filled with a sea of screaming girls!
As soon as you get there you are given your bid day shirt and I remember putting that shirt on it's amazing! Now Marissa is my sister Twice Over!!!!!
I followed Marissa around yesterday holding her stuff and taking pictures.......yes, I was happy for her...I would NOT of stood outside sweating for just anyone!
Here is Marissa and Taylor a friend of hers who is already a member in the house doing the Delta sign!
Marissa excited hugging her new Greek letter, the beautiful Tri Delt House behind! She was so glad rush week was over!
Pledge class pic! Marissa is a part of the 100th pledge class at OU....this is a HUGE year celebrating 100 years of sisterhood! I have never been an "active" alumna but now with Marissa there it will give me a chance to get more involved which I am looking forward to....I will be able to initiate her this fall also!
Marissa's NEW friends!!! "3 Times BETTER with just ONE letter" To learn more about OU Delta Delta Delta chapter "Theta Gamma" click HERE!
Last night they had the formal pledging ceremony and when I got home I collapse on the couch! I am not a spring chicken anymore, Bid Day was exhausting!!!!!! But one sweet mom told me I looked no older than 24, so who ever paid her to say that you made my DAY!!!!!!!
Congrats Marissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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