Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 5

So for fun I thought I would share my Top 5 Books, Movies and TV shows with you of 2009! Why should you care? No reason. Why am I sharing? Because I am at work on NYE with nothing to do? Correct! Now, like always after I publish this I am sure I will think of things I left off but whatever! So now that we have that out of the way, lets get started!


Looks like I prefer action huh? Or maybe I just like BIG blockbusters!!

Well friends I hope that did not bore you too much! What was your favorite Movie, Book or show this year???

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Once in a blue moon...

Well it seems that this year that age old saying will come true....tomorrow night is a rare blue moon and it should look like the picture above. I have been thinking alot about that saying "Once in a blue moon" and decided to think about 2010 and resolutions....I have never done resolutions in the past and I still don't call what I have done anything more than things I want to accomplish or do differently in 2010! I also read somewhere that you will have a greater chance at success and following thru if you put our goals "Out There". So here goes nothing.............

Nicole's Once in a blue moon things I don't call a resolution list!!!!
(Brace yourself this will be long)

1. Be positive!! My husband is such a "glass half fuller" and since I met him I have been better but I really want to try to be more positive!!
2. Focus on the good things I bring to our marriage....and then do more of those!
3. Focus on Scentsy and all the potential it has in my life!
4. Devote more time to Junior Hospitality Club as well as getting in more community service hours!
5. Focus on the positive friendships I have in my life and then build upon those!
6. Save, Save, Save.....think; do I really need to buy more STUFF?? I mean I do not know your financial situation and you do not know mine but I would love to stop being stressed about what is or isn't in our bank account!
7. Focus on our home.....fix our fence, start on the upstairs bath and slowly work on bedrooms!
8. Work on letting go of those silly petty fights you have in a marriage, talking it out then moving on!
9. Realizing our home is small but effective and host more friends and family!
10. I will be turning 29 in a few months so I would like to work on a 30 before 30 list!! Fun, small things I would like to do before I turn 30!
11. Be healthy! I have fallen off the "I do not eat fast food" wagon...I need to jump back on!
12. AND go figure.........Exercise!! The #1 resolution around but but here are my reasons....
- My neurologist has told me to and how it may help my migraines! I mean how lazy am I that I know something may help but I can not drag myself off the couch?
- In the past couple of months I have gained 10pounds, after my brother pointed them out..I need to loose em!
- Cellulite is slowly but surely taking over my thighs (there is no help for my butt, it is a lost cause) so I need to put a stop to this!
- I am so out of shape it is pathetic!
SO please hold me accountable, this one will be soo hard for me!!! HELP!
Lastly, I want the Serenity Prayer to be my "Mantra"....
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change
courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace!

Do you have resolutions? If so, what are they? Are any of yours the same as mine?

Bad start to my day..

Well I have not talked about my migraines in awhile because I do not want to preach to you or bore you to death. Last week was a good week but this week is so far shaping up to be a bad one this is day two for me as far as waking up with a pounding migraine goes! The picture above (looks just like me huh? ha) is a perfect depiction of how I feel and don't even ask me where I find these things! I knew today would be bad, last night I was exhausted and fell asleep at 8 and when my alarm went off at 6:10 I snoozed for 30more minutes and prayed that when I opened my eyes again the pain would be gone. The sleeping in part also sucked because today is "hair washing day" and now I am sporting a snazzy gold headband to cover the mess underneath! ha
But really I just took my big blue pill aka Treximet to try and knock this thing down. Either way I have to work all day and I am going to try to minimize my suffering. Funny thing is I get side effects from the med such as....I will pee on the hour or maybe more all day, my nose goes numb, my eyes will dialate, my eyes will also feel like they have a fever and I will kind of be in a foggy haze.....but that is how Migraines go you always trade one evil for another!
Don't mean to be a Debbie downer just expressing my life....but on the good note, I am meeting some friends for a quick lunch today and that will be the bright spot for my day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Breakfast Blast

Ok, so over the weekend Matt & I make nice breakfasts because during the Holiday's that may be the only meal eaten just the two of us! And Saturday Matt made me his homemade biscuits and gravy which is one of my favorites and then Sunday it was my day! So I made a good ole breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage patties and then drum roll please.............the Pioneer Woman's Monkey Muffins!!! Let me preface that once you make these and take a bite you will think you have died and gone to heaven!
Pioneer Woman's Monkey Muffins
First up..............
Heat your oven to 375 and grease up a 12 cup muffin pan!
Then in the bottom of each place a pad of butter and sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar.....
Next up get a 5 pack of biscuts and cut them into thirds and place one portion over each pad of butter! (you will have 1 extra biscuit)
Then on top of each biscuit place another pad of butter( I know right), more cinnamon and sugar! Then pop into the oven for 15minutes!!!!!!!!!
Next up you will need 1 can of Sweetened condensed milk...........
When they are golden brown you will pour the SCM over each (liberally) and let the monkey muffins absorb the nectar of the God's!
Here I am working the stove hard..............TIP! Throw in an extra pad of butter to cook your sausage in, this will add some flavor and help develop the rich brown color!
And then.........WHAM! A breakfast so good we had to gorge ourselves! And no joke, those Monkey Muffins are to DIE for! To see the original recipe and the PW's way better pictures click HERE
You should make this as a great way to kick off 2010!!! Tonight I am jazzing up another recipe of hers and making it my own...and I am very excited to christen my breading trays!

Scentsy Sale

I have some extra Holiday Warmers laying around and I decided to put them on SALE!!!! I have 2 of these Holly Warmers and I will sell them to you for $20!!!!!!!!!!
I also have a Red Snowflake Warmer which is perfect thru February and I will sell that for $25 and I have the matching Red plug in I will sell for $12!!!! Email me at if you want them and I can meet you or we can work out shipping!!!!!!!!!!
So...OSU FANS........ As of this Friday Scentsy is debuting the OSU Warmer!!!!!!!!! This will be $35 and get them early because they will sell out, you can email and me I can place an order for you Jan 1 or you can jump on my website and order it for yourself by clicking HERE
Thank you all for the sweet comments on yesterdays news, we appreciate it!!!! I love my blog readers and I am so thankful to have new friends whom I have met thru my blog!

Monday, December 28, 2009

BIG News

ok......NO I am NOT pregnant!! But I got a good chuckle for a couple of hours while some of you thought I was! This news is right up there though........there are a handful of HUGE events in life such as getting married, having a baby and then choosing your career or landing your dream job. Well please bear with me as I try to properly explain this and while I try to express excitement all while writing a blog post...........

So this has been a hard secret to keep as Matt and I have known about this since October but the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted so I am allowed to tell you...........................

Matt got a HUGE promotion!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so for the last 6 years my husband Matt has owned his own Farmers Agency alot of hard work and dedication has been put into this, I mean this is his child. Matt also was just getting into a good position where things were sailing along .....when WHAM!! He gets a call from his District manager asking him if he would be interested in becoming a District Manager! This is not something you decide over night this is a HUGE decision we discussed at length and this oppurtunity has many pros and some cons! Then Matt had to take tests, write essays, gather transcripts and get approved thru by the state all the way to the national office! This entire 3 month process that was full of stress came to an end last Tuesday!!He passed with flying colors might I add!!! SO what does this mean.............

-Farmers will essentially be "buying" Matt's agency from us and that sum will be very helpful to put away for when Matt starts his own District office as well as wiping out all our debt!

-Matt will for the next 12-18months become a Reserve District Manager which means he will be hands on in recruiting new agents, learning how to run his own district and training new agents!! This means he will be working LONG LONG hours and that will be adjustment but he will also be moving over to salary for this time instead of commission only and that was a pro on the decision checklist!

- So when his 12-18months is over Matt will be awarded his own Farmers District where he will be in charge/over all the agents in this area. Another good point on the checklist is the pay raise will jump again but the semi-bad is that we may be asked to relocate! And we will not know until this is all over. But whatever happens this is Matt's career and he is soo excited about this and I am here to support him!

This is pretty BIG news and this will be a change so 1 week from today Matt will start off in a new direction! And for all of you who have policies with Matt the way that will work is you will receive a letter in the mail mid-January explaining this and introducing you to your new agent. BUT, don't fret Matt will be over which ever agent you will be turned to and he will still be here to help!!

So yay for Matt and his hard work, dedication and charm!!! XOXOX


So Matt and I are very blessed and when it comes to Christmas we get good gifts!! Matt got dirt bike stuff, gift cards, dress clothes and other fun stuff! But I wanted to share a few of the things I (we) got!! This my mom got me and it is not hung yet but it will go in our is a refurbished window pain and I love it!!! Thanks Mom!
In these three heavy white boxes is my new dishes! My grandma got us new everyday dishes from Dillards which is exciting, now we can box up our Target stuff for a rainy day! Looks like we are almost grown ups! ha
So remember the new TV/Office downstairs?? Well Matt has been working on it, he got me these fun storage units which contain my Scentsy now, hung up mirrors and has started to hang up all my dance posters, calanders and his baseball ones!!
He also got me new brick red curtains and a fun tan rug to match the wall color!
Soo....have you seen these commercials?? For this awesome video camera?? It's the FLIP! You just upload it straight to your computer!! Me, my sister and brother all got one from our dad!
And................BIG THANK YOU to my In-Laws for my new Kitchen aide food processor!! Yippee! Now I need to conjur up some new counter space!
My mother in law also got me this beautiful silver dish she found at a craft fair! How fun! ( I also got breading trays, yay no more paper plates....Thanks Heidi!)
OK............LOVE these! These are from my mom and they sure look amazing on my counter! And the cream will look great with the cream window pain for the wall!!! She is always thinking!
Then over here I got the Rachael Ray "Garbage Bowl" thanks Marissa and I also got two sturdy butcher blocks, I am almost like a real chef!!(wink wink)
Well I was excited and wanted to share some of the lot we got for Christmas....and funny yes, almost everything is for my kitchen!
Stay tuned later today for some BIG news!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless you live under a rock...

or unless you do not live in Oklahoma then you may not know about our "White Christmas"!! It was a record 14 inches of snow in the form of a blizzard, so bad that they closed all highways in Oklahoma on Christmas Eve and we were unable to celebrate with Matt's family!!!! Lucky for Matt and I we were stocked up on movies!!! (ps....Public Enemies is kinda boring)
I worked Christmas Eve and by the time we were going home alittle after noon it was already so bad that the visibility was barely 1 car in front, in fact I cried the entire way home (all 1 hour of a 10min drive) and at one point I could not stop, I was fishtailing thru a red light and I cried, prayed and laid on the horn as by the grace of God no one hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When Matt & I got home that day what we found was that it was snowing in our kitchen! HA, no joke....our back door and frame is old and the extremely high wind gusts knocked out our poor cocking not to mention the extreme cold made the door freeze... so we had to "jimmy rig" the seal using this towel!! Only us!
This was the beautiful sight we woke up to on Christmas Morning!!! I love it when the snow is pure white and untouched! And our dogs LOVE the snow!!
Matt had to start digging our way out so we could go to his parents to celebrate our Eve ctivities on Christmas day. My family canceled our Christmas day activites because they shut down our airport and my brother was stuck in Denver!
Funny story Matt & I "tested" the roads and when we came back to the house I jumped in the shower and Matt came in and said " so my truck has slid down the driveway and is in the middle of the street, I am going to deal with that" haha! Thank goodness this didn't happen over night!
I was supervising Matt and his incredible snow shoveling work!!!!!!!!!!!!
So it usually takes us 30min to get to his parents house in Edmond but on Christmas Day it took over 1 hour and 1/2!!! And we saw over 40 abandoned cars and freight trucks on the drive! When we finally made it we had a GREAT time with his family and truly enjoyed the day!
This past Saturday the 26th we were finally able to celebrate with my family......
It was also my cousin Brittany's 20th Birthday!!! Here are the cousins....Me, Brittany, Marissa and my brother Curtis! And thanks Curtis for mentioning how you noticed I have gained weight that was real swell of you!
There will be a couple of posts today.....just catching everyone up!!! Happy Monday!haha


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