Saturday, October 31, 2009


HALLOWEEN everyone!!!!

I must share that last night I pulled off a AMAZING Surprise 29th Birthday party for my hubby at Red Pin for our family & friends!!! This has been a HARD secret to keep for over a month but Matt was shocked and so overjoyed and it was the BEST time ever! Pics will come soon! Happy Birthday Matty!

One more thing... today I met a Blogger friend Sara and her hubby for the first time, what are the chances that she would be in OKC? I couldn't be happier to have such a great new friend! Pic will also come soon!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mega Read

So I guess the only way to explain this is that I was hit hard by the reading bug this week and in exactly 6 days I read 3 books, one of which I read in one day! And I am gonna start by talking about PUSH by Sapphire.... this book may be more familiar to you by the name Precious the new movie by Oprah coming out which also stars Mariah Carey. After seeing the preview I went out and got the book and while it is not a thick book but it is a griping one. I read this in two days and was so engulfed into Precious Jone's life it was hard to put down. Let me say that I enjoyed this book but I am weary to recommend it due to the hard graphic content, I would not want anyone to get this on my behalf and then be shocked by the language and sexual content. So go into this knowing that, but to be honest this is a story about a terribly abused girl who feels like no one loves her but who then tries to transform her life into something better. I will definitely see this movie and I am sure the movie will be touching. Oh! One more thing the book is written as if Precious herself was writing so it is filled with mis-spellings and broken English which takes a bit to get use to. Moving on..........
Wesley the Owl by Stacey O' Brien... oh Wesley how I love you so.... This is a memoir of a biologist who adopts an injured barn owl, raises and loves him for 19 years. This book was sweet, funny, touching and taught me so so much about Owls and the absolutely magnificent creatures that they are. After reading this there is no way you can finish without having some new found respect for this creature! This is a lovely swift read that will touch you in the end and yes I shed a tear or two at the end and not because it was necessarily sad but so touching. I just love it when a writer really highlights how wonderful any animal is and how their lives have so much meaning. You should really read this book! I told ya so!
And lastly The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, I read this cover to cover in 5 hours and loved every bit of this. This book is so unique that it is told thru the dog (Enzo) and his perspective on love, life and family. The author did such a wonderful job that I swear this is exactly what my dogs would say if I was able to hear them. You may even think twice about how you raise your own pet after reading this. This book was also touching and I cried more than a tear or two at the end as once again an author touches on how a pet can touch our lives and how we can touch theirs. I highly recommend this book and this would be a great Christmas present for any male or female who is a dog lover!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Enjoy this while I am "away"

I am not dead


I am so sad because this is such a fun week, but my work computer is on the fritz so I am standing up next to my desk for 2 days using my laptop while my desktop is being re-built. AND... I can not figure out how to upload pics on my new laptop, I got my Cannon photo editor cd stuck in my drive and I want to scream!!!! So maybe next week I can catch up?

We had our anniv dinner, went to the opening night of the NBA Thunder game and Friday is Matt's birthday. busy busy week!! So being back to square one on my blogging is making me want to scream.

Ps.... Saturday I get to meet a blogging friend!! It is like a blind date! hahaha! SUPER excited!

So here's to hoping I don't ax myself today! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stage Fright

Sooooo Saturday night was the NIGHT! Matt and I loaded up and headed to Ponca City for the Ghost Hunters event....... this event was put on thru INsight Paranormal which is in the TAPS (aka Ghost Hunters from SyFy) family. This event was fun, exciting, new, and informative all rolled into one!
The night started off with a Paranormal presentation and ghostly history of the Theatre. The grandchildren of the couple who built this fully believe that it is in fact their grandparents who still roam around the theatre. There have been many many many sightings, EVP's, video, full body apparitions you name it and it has been seen here. Now you may of thought I would of been scared and I was worried I would too but I was not at all (yes, maybe because we were with a group of 20 in the dark) but I only once got a tad anxious. This happened when we were under the stage in the dressing rooms and earlier that night a full body mass was seen and when we were there I got the weirdest feeling that I was being watched, so much so that I would not even look over to this one side of the room for the fear of what I might see. In fact in that room I caught 2 EVP's I would later find out.
This theatre was beautiful, I wish my camera could of captured all the beauty and ornate workmanship that was inside. The GM's who run and have run this place have done an amazing job of keeping up the original beauty and history.
Now moving on to my picture evidence.......Orbs, there is HUGE debate all over the paranormal community on whether these guys are or are not paranormal energy and 99% of the time it is dust. But when the "ball" emits it's own light it is more than likely some form of energy and that energy is believed to be a spirit manifesting itself. Well get this......... this first picture was taken before the lights even went out and this staircase is the place alot of people claim to see Francis..... you can see this ball seems to be emitting it's own light and is pretty impressive. I may blow it up and post it closer later.
Now... fast forward 1 hour during lights out, the same spot, same orb......... Can you believe this? This is right outside the room where I caught 2 EVP's of a women's voice. (EVP= electronic voice phenomenon)
They set out all their expensive, fancy tools for us to look at Matt is looking for "cold spots " with a temperature gauge ha!
Now.....I am trying my BEST to upload audio but until I am able to post those here is what I got... Now keep in mind an EVP is something that no one hears until the recorder is later played back...
We were all in a room talking and then you hear a whisper right next to the mic saying "Who's Playin?" which is a valid question since this spirit is probably wondering why we are all in the theatre. And no one in the room hears this while we are there.
Next I am on the staircase that was once used for the "colored people only" and I ask "Is there anyone on these stairs??" and then you hear "Noooooo"!!!!!!
Then when we are in the dressing room 9 seconds into my tape you hear a loud males voice say "WOW"
Next our leader Kristen asks the spirit to knock 2 times and while we were there I heard nothing but on the tape you hear the faint knocking two times!!!!
I still have 30 more minutes to go thru so how knows what I will catch!!!!!!!
The story of this seat is that this is in the "colored section" and there are tons of reports of people seeing an African American woman sitting here, so Matt & I camped out next to it for around 20mins but we did not see or hear anything.
It was a late night... Matt & I did not get home until around 1:30am! And I would do this again in a heart beat, I must say this was one of the coolest things I have ever done! The history, the paranormal, Halloween it was wonderful!
Lastly this place has framed posters all over the place that are so neat to see..........
If you have any questions or want to hear more shoot me an email at

730 Days

Can't believe it has been 2 YEARS! Happy Anniversary Matt!
A little walk down wedding lane...
Some of my Bridal party and me getting ready at the Skirvin..........
My favorite Bridal which coincidentally was taken at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Guthrie.... anyone read The Lost Symbol? Yes, I paid money to get in the building and have pictures taken there. Kinda cool!
Loved loved loved my cake.............
LOVED my "light design" Thanks Dad!Southern Hills Baptist Church, loved my fall archway
Great photos by

Well that was just a few I have on my computer! Have a wonderful day!
My "Wedding Verse" Ruth 1:16........
But Ruth replied, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Blues

I am sick with a migraine at home today.

I was at the animal ER with Abner last night until 1am.

He is doing better, we don't know what caused it but it appears he has a severe allergic reaction to something, poor little guy.

We are both being pathetic and laying on the couch!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Chit Chat

Here we are at Friday again, Happy Friday to you all! This week has been pretty busy filled with Scensty stuff, JH meetings, work and yucky weather! Yesterday was a good afternoon at work because my sister Marissa came up after school to clean the office, I just love it when she is here!!
Many people ask me where I get my recipes and how I keep them... well alot of my recipes are in my head or are something I come up with on the stop but for the others I watch alot of Food Network then print out the recipes or I tear them out of my favorite cooking magazines! I then have a really cheap binder filled with even cheaper dividers that I store them in! I added a handful of new fall recipes yesterday into my binder from the Sandra Lee Magazine and Family Circle...
Here is a bit of a sneak peak.....and those yummy looking pancakes are Sandra Lee's Pumpkin Spice pancakes! YUMM!
So last night I had a Junior Hospitality Club meeting where we had a yummy nacho bar that our wonderful hostess with the mostess Natalie put together! (Thanks Nat) and then on my drive home my day took a awful turn............... so I have said many times I can spot an animal a mile away, and yes I think God is trying to tell me something but I have not quite figured out what exactly I am to do with these signs. Anyways.....I was driving home and my neighborhood is kind of one of the borderline ones to the fields/trees of nothing....and I was coming up over the hill and I knew I spotted something but it was pitch black so I stop to make sure (I was the only car around) and sure enough there was a coyote crossing the road. I felt sorry for this pretty animal because he did not ask for man to build homes on top of his home, who knows where he lives and what he eats..and of course all God's creatures deserve love and respect. Well this coyote froze in the middle of the road and like a scene out of a bad movie this cop car comes speeding by and hits this little fellow and speeds off and then the coyote managed to limp to the side of the road. I am terribly distraught and I really consider helping this animal but I remember this is a WILD animal and could possibly eat me. This was awful, I was so upset no one likes seeing anything like this happen and all I could do was go home and pray that this animal will be ok.
Sorry to share an awful story with you but I mean "why me?" why do I always see things like this?
Moving on to a MUCH much lighter subject...............Scentsy has debuted our Holiday 2009 line and I am in LOVE! There are special warmers and plug ins, these beauties go on sale NOV 1!!! If you click on the picture below it will take you to a site to "preview" the holiday line, so plan now and know I am definitely placing a order on Nov 1!! I want to enjoy these all season! And a good friend of mine Traci had a great idea buying these bad boys as Christmas gifts and then passing them out to friends and family on Thanksgiving so your recipient can enjoy them all season! You can always email me an order at or order directly from my site at !!
As for this weekend ... I have a packed one...... tonight I have Book Club (yippee) and then tomorrow is filled with a Scentsy meeting and then tomorrow night Matt & I head to Ponca City for the TAPS Ghost hunting event, I am super excited!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ode to a Southern Meal

SO this past weekend my Mom went to a Farm Stand and bought the last of this seasons Okra and was kind enough to share it with me!!! YUMM! So I was thinking you know what lets do it big and include Fried Okra, Breaded chicken and then top that off with corn bread... yum yum The only thing missing was a pie of some sort!
So like I have posted this recipe many times where I breaded my chicken using the 3 step method, this time I used plain bread crumbs and added shredded Italian cheeses to the mix! They were great!
Then I washed my Okra and chopped it up. I added salt, pepper and cornmeal and tossed that around before throwing them in a med-high pan with EVOO! How long to cook them? I like mine brown (remember color = flavor) so I think I cooked mine for 15-20 min while the cornbread baked!
This meal was DELISH!!!! Man, I love me some home cooked Okra and every time I eat my chicken this way I am reminded why it is my favorite method!!! If you are wondering I topped my meal off with a sprinkle of my new "high end" Sea Salt from Williams Sonoma, something I have been lusting after for awhile now!
I like to make my cornbread in the muffin pan but Matt requests it this way in a round cake pan... and I love it anyway and it was the perfect trio for my Southern meal!
I eat my cornbread with dinner topped with Matt on the other hand eats his as dessert slathered in syrup and I think it is weird. Anyone else eat it like this?
Now it is almost 11am and I am starving after this post....I am off to eat another Turkey wrap filled with Black bean Relish from Tuesday!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So I have a confession...... I want a Mini-Pig! This isn't something new I have been talking about them for years and NO I won't really get least not anytime soon. But I really really want one. (Do I sound like a child?) They are smart, cuddly, trainable and beyond adorable. I know there might be some moral struggle givin my love for bacon but I sure would love one as a pet! I have even priced these little pint size pork chops and they are not cheap but one day I shall have a mini pig!! Speaking of mini do you know that they now have mini-cattle? Not a joke and equally cute! I found this video on You Tube and I almost squealed with delight, this is the cutest thing ever...........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


SO I have mentioned before that I loathe lunch at work, I mean I try my hardest to not eat fast food and there are only soo many Turkey sandwiches that I can eat before I want to barf! SO this week Matt & I tried to get creative and WHAM best lunch in a while!
Here is a "Black Bean Relish" I created to put in turkey wraps for a healthy lunch and it is super easy........
1 Can Black Beans
1 Can Fire Roasted diced Tomatoes
2 Limes (juice)
1 small red onion (diced)
Salt & Pepper
** You will need to drain the 2 can items but they don't completely drain and that is ok!!!
All you do is mix everything together and WHAM ...........super yummy!
We used Tomato/Basil wraps, mozzarella cheese and oven baked turkey.......

And there you go, super healthy and yummy lunch! And yes, that is Okra on my plate I love veggies and my mom got some from a farm stand and it was perfect to munch on with lunch!
I hope you all try this and I hope you love it as much as I did

ONE Month from TODAY!!!

Full New Moon clip................... "Wolf Pack Transformation"

Monday, October 19, 2009

360' Tour

Sooo last night I went with my friend Susan to see the Black Eyed Peas and U2 at OU Stadium and man oh man was that a show!!!!! It is actually the largest stage to be built for any group EVER and they call it the mother ship or the space ship... I mean this thing was taller than the press box and it took over 50 tracker trailers to haul this thing in!! The BEP's were amazing and Fergie rocked it and then U2 put on a SHOW! I mean between the songs, the stage and the lights it was hard to not have a WONDERFUL time! We had great seats also we were just 10 rows back after the standing room only field tickets!! The only bummers... the bathroom line and the cold cold wind...Thankfully I bundled up and packed mittens and a scarf! Thanks again Susan this was a once in a lifetime show! WooHoo

ps....... I am not sure the word tired accurately describes my state of mine today!


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