Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Yes, of course I am watching this show!!! And Yes, I do think it is TOO long and at times boring but I watch just to see the dancing! Melissa (from the Bachelor) was my fav until....
Gilles (From Sex & The City...the naked dude) was out of this world!!!! I am not a huge fan of Cheryl Burke but what I like about her is that she does not play around, she expects perfection from her "stars" and drives them hard...which I love! She is a great teacher and I will admit that! Last night they did the Argentine Tango and her outfit was HOT, Gilles is HOT and the choreography was amazing!!!!!!! Enjoy.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Chips for Charity

It has finally come & gone!!!!! It was a GREAT success and a ton of hard work! I have made a slide show of the night, some of the auction items and of my JH ladies!!!! Enjoy..........


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rise & Shine

Chips for Charity is THIS SATURDAY, finally! And you can still get your tickets at www.jhok.org!!! And for all you early birds, when you get up tomorrow you should turn on the news at 6:15AM and watch Channel 9 with Doug Warner because yours truly will be on the news promoting the event!!! I will be on with a couple of the Yard Dawgz dancers as eye candy and to talk about how 1 of our raffle prize packs is the "Yard Dawgz Fan Domination Pack" worth over $550.00!!!! SO wish me luck! ha!
This is at out "work night" Monday putting together the baskets! This is the OU pack and below is the girls working and a Preview of some more baskets up for Auction!!!

I know that snow is suppose to move in tomorrow and Saturday but what a better way to warm yourself than by coming to Coach's and having a beer for a good cause!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Brag on Matt....

So I am going to brag on my husband Matt for a bit today because he/we got some GREAT news yesterday!! Thru out the year their are many incentives, bonus's, and get aways that Farmers as a corporation offers or that Matt's district office will offer BUT there is one BIG DADDY incentive called Toppers Club and I am proud to say Matt was congratulated by his district manager on making Toppers 2008 yesterday!
How this works is the company takes into account ALL of your 2008 and you have to accomplish and meet certain rigorous standards. I do not know them all nor do I know the insurance "lingo" but you have to increase your policies, sell a certain amount of life policies, retention, customer service, etc etc......... So I am very proud of Matt considering out of the US only a small amount of agents qualify each year! It is not as easy as it sounds so you know!
What do we get your asking?????? Well, we get a FREE vacation!!! We got a list of 6 unique places to choose from and once there you will go on excursions, attend formal banquets and you name it! Here is our choices.....
1. Ontario
2. Chicago
3. Houston
4. Seattle
5. Monterey, Cali
6. San Fran

All the trips are in either June or July and last about 4 days but we are going to stay an extra day I am sure of it!! We have not decided for sure but let me tell you Monterey is the top spot and for all of you who know golf do you know what course if located there????
PEBBLE BEACH! So I think you know where Matt wants to go! ha
Anyways Congrats Matty!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

Monday, March 23, 2009


In case you were wondering I don't know either how I had time to watch all these movies this weekend in between Scentsy Parties, cleaning house, Baptisms, lunches, etc BUT I managed and I am here to give you my 2 cents in case it is worth anything to you.......

I saw I Love You Man on Saturday with my mom and I love Paul Rudd and was very excited to laugh my butt off...........verdict.......... Eh?!? I liked it, but did not love this movie. The story is very cute but nowadays movies don't know if they want to be funny & cute or dirty & raunchy?? This one could not make up it's mind which to be. I laughed and I loved the ending but some parts were not necessary but this seems to be what grown up comedy's are about these days!!! I will rent it again when it comes out and I think you will enjoy this one.... maybe not with your mom!

Knowing, with Nicholas Cage Matt and I saw last night.........and I have been thinking about this and I don't know where to begin. I enjoyed this movie it was very entertaining and I am easy to please I don't go to movies to dissect them but I go for enjoyment and I like this end of the world disaster movie! I don't want to give anything away so this is hard but my take is this........ if you did not grow up in church then you will take this movie from an Alien point of view but if you know the book of revelations you like me might find some symbols in this movie such as "Angels" "Fire from the heavens" "Prophecy" and so forth...... I think that some studio exec who knew the Bible used it loosely as a reference for this movie and it will make you think that is for sure!!!! I enjoyed this one and will rent it once it comes out again!

ahhhhhhh..........Twilight... Yes I ran out and was one of the 3 Million people to buy the DVD on Saturday. My take on this movie is, it is not the best and NO the acting is not great but I love seeing a book I read come to the screen whether it is perfect or not! I was very excited to watch this again and it is a easy watch on a rainy day. BUT for people who have not read the books and just watch the movie you are missing out on so much.

ok guys! that is all for today!

Kendall's Baptism

Here are her CUTIE-PATOOTIE Easter pics.........................

Yesterday we all went to church at Peace Lutheran in Edmond and then to lunch at Outback to celebrate Kendall's Baptism! The pic below is when my mom & I finally got to steal her away for some TLC.... she loves my necklaces always (like god-mommy like daughter)!!!
The "God Family" picture after the service!
Mike, Diane, John, Melissa, Kendall, Myself & Matt!
I did not know you were not allowed to take pictures until after I already made my mom take these! OOPS!

This was a special day and we look forward to many more specials days with Kendall and her family! Be on the look out for some more posts today I have movie reviews GALORE!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled

Last night Shannon, Susan and myself volunteered on behalf of JH at the OK Foundation for the Disabled and we had a wonderfully fulfilling time. We served the meal, helped clean up the food, mingled, and helped out on the raffle drawing for the night. When I was leaving last night I was not sure exactly how to feel because part of you does want to feel sad then part of you feels thankful and at the same time I am happy... I am happy that this wonderful group of people has a place like this to get together and have fellowship with one another. The guests are bused in from different Adult living centers in the okc metro and they eat dinner and then dance! Yes, you heard me DANCE! It was so fun because they broke it down! I was talking to Matt about this on the drive home and 1Thursday this summer we are going to go back and help serve the meal as a couple so if anyone from OKC would like to be involved give me a shout!

JH funded the sign above many years ago!

Packed house!!! It was a St Patty's Day theme
This is Reggie he was so full of joy, he does not speak but he sings and he sang at the top of his lungs every single song they played! You can tell by the smiles on Shannon & Susan's faces how much he cracked us up!

"Help yourself, by helping others"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy 24 Hours

Busy Busy Bee...
Lets start with the good!! Last night I got to use my parents season tickets to see the Thunder play the Bulls and that is always a good time! And even better my bestie Melissa and my goddaughter where there, so I was able to steal some half time kisses!! Her wittle eyes are a tad red because she was "over me" and wanted her mommy! But I prefer to hold on tight until she cries and I must give her away! ha, halfway kidding!

Kevin Durant has the skinniest chicken legs EVER!

Uh the Bad........ our good friends Chris & Jennifer went to the game with us and last minute Matt was unable to go because we have a sick dog! I know I know you think this is crazy but it is not, not to us this is one of our children. It was Abner who has Epilepsy among many other ailments and he needed to be monitored so Matt took one for the team. Abner was so lethargic yesterday he would not eat or even move it was just heartbreaking and we did not know what to do. Then last night things got worse before they could get better we got about 4 hours of sleep because we were up with him from 2ish-5:30. He has respiratory problems due to scar tissue in his lungs and they only work at 60% so last night he choked, gaged and had trouble breathing all night it was awful just watching him and being unable to comfort him. This morning Matt took him to the vet he is on some more meds and $135 later he seems to be in better spirits today and has eaten Thank You God! And did I mention our garage door broke again? Yes, it did... and yes we need a new one but since we are unable to do that at the moment we will keep "jimmy rigging" it until we can get a new one!
Today I am working on 4 hours of sleep ( I know you moms do this daily and it is hard) and my head is pounding but I need to buck up because tonight I am volunteering along with the JH Club at the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled (http://www.okfd.org/) Once a month they hold a ultra fun dance that they call a "Birthday Party" to celebrate everyone's birthdays at once. These people will never go to a Prom or a dance and this is a way to ensure that they do not miss out on these special events in their lives. I am very looking forward to this and I hope I feel better by 6pm!!!
So that is today's rant, sorry!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I love...

This is hard to narrow down but here are some things I love on a daily basis and you should check them out!

~ The Food Network Magazine, Yes they have a magazine - it is new and I Love it!
~ www.stuffonmycat.com enough said!
~ www.cutethingsfallingalseep.org
~ www.cutethingslaughing.com
~ www.cuteoverload.com
(Are you sensing a trend?)
~ I love All You Magazine and it is only like $2 on the newsstands!
~ I love DVR-ing 30-min Meals, Giada at Home, The Barefoot Contessa and other Food Network shows during the day so when I get home I can erase one's I don't like or watch the ones I do like!
~ I like making lists, my current list is "Spring To Do's" or "Things I need for Saturdays Scentsy Party" just lists in general, I don't need them to remember just ask Matt I have a Elephant brain he says and can remember anything but I like making them.
~ I like to Google things, questions, topics I have heard on the news or just random stuff.

That was also a list now that I look at it, see I like lists! ha but just some everyday things I do that I enjoy!
So my funk you ask, how is it? It is ok, somewhat better but last night once I got home I was hit with a HUGE migraine and went to bed early early... thankfully today I feel better but I stress out about "rebound" migraine which will happen the day after a big one! I am not sure why they happen but a Migraine is traumatic so it may have something to go with the changes in my brain or something. ( I should Google it) Tonight Matt & I are going with friends to the Thunder game so that should be enjoyable! They are playing the Bulls tonight and I will try to post some pictures tomorrow!
And ps...................... a peeve of mine... SPRING BREAK! Who are all you people who are enjoying Spring Break? HA !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blah Blah Bleek

I have a case of the funk, no I am not actually sick but I am just "Blah" I am not sure what it is I am plenty busy this month so it is not boredom.. in fact I may be too busy but I am not sure what it is.?! I am sitting here thinking about junk and we got the news that my grandpa was over at our house visiting the "kids" this morning and our garage door broke SWEET! So add that to the growing pile of things we need to fix. I need to be saving and scrimping to be honest but what do I do??? I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch and spent an amount that I am sure will make Matt lecture me when he finds out! HA!
Blah Blah Blah.........
Get this people yesterday was as bad as today so I thought I need to get away for lunch so I made a mad dash for the nearest Target which is about 10min from work. So I get out of the car and think to myself "what is that noise?? is my car still on? Why yes, yes it is and there are my keys in the ignition, the doors are locked but yet I am standing out here" so I had to call Matt to come rescue me! That sucked, I am in a fog people! I can't decide what book to read next nothing sounds right, I am not in the mood to cook dinner tonight, I don't know what to blog about and the list goes on.
I am sorry this is not a pity party I was just expressing myself... Matt says I am too honest sometimes and I tend to be "too much information girl" from time to time so forgive me!
and oh ya, Happy St Patty's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Soup on E!

So, listen up... I love the Soup! And I think Joel (above) is so funny he makes me wanna bust a gut! It is so funny & stupid you MUST watch it! And the dog is Lou, Lou has a supporting roll in this show along side "Spaghetti Cat" (you must watch it to know)!
Ok, so Saturday night I was watching this in bed and this clip is the funniest thing i have seen in a LONG LONG time! Every time I watch this clip I laugh just as hard as the first time! I don't think it is "just me" so enjoy a good laugh on a Monday afternoon because this is my gift to you!
I call this.............HARPOON!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Very First Scentsy Party

Last night was my first party and I had it at Cuppies and Joe, a cupcake and coffee place that is in a old house in the Okc Paseo district! We had the purple room as you can see below and they decorate each room in the renovated house with old furniture and mis-matched chairs which adds charm. We only had the room for 1 hour which is pushing it, Cuppies gets mega busy at night and once 8pm rolled around they told me that they would need the room back.
So the downside to my party was I had to start cleaning and packing up while my guests (who luckily were my friends) were still there. I felt very unprofessional doing that while everyone was still chit chatting but I told them the reason why and I think they understood!
The upside is I think it went well, we chatted, ate cupcakes, smelled scents and placed some orders! I left with a good feeling about everything but I will say it is different selling things to your friends but while doing so I have a good time and I am not demanding people buy anything! Next week I have two parties so we will see how those go- hopefully not as rushed!

The Assorted Cupcakes were Moist and Flavorful!!!

Flower pens and door prize entries!
I gave away a Scentsy Bar which Allison won!

The set up at one of the old tables.... Framed Price Sheet, Boleyn warmer, room spray and scent testers for everyone to decide which ones they like!

And a BIG thanks to Matt for being my labor for the night! This is him dreaming of being at the OU vs OSU game which happened to be playing while my party was on! On my defense I had no idea they would play each other in the Big 12 tourney or I would not of asked Matt to help!
I was SOOOO Grateful!

THANKS to everyone who came last night, I hope you got a good overview of Scentsy and had a nice a time with friends as I did!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am a sucker for Cute

And this video defines cute! It was just emailed to me and I don't know anything about these two animals other than this makes me melt! Animals are so amazing and this is once again another reason why animals are so special to me this video really shows their ability to love one another!
( please watch to the end )

A Cupcake Review

SO.......... Last night I had a JH meeting for our event Chips for Charity and I had about 1 hour to kill in between work and meeting the girls so I thought "what to do what to do".... I decided to go and check out Sara Sara Cupcakes and bring a dozen to brighten up our meeting!
Well Sara Sara's is in "Midtown" the new "upcoming & hip" part of downtown OKC, it is in a old renovated house which was charming on the outside. Inside they went with a modern theme and the entire place is white; white walls, white floors and white table and chairs.... and to me it was looking more dingy creme than white which I assume is very hard to keep clean. I order my VERY PRICEY dozen including Vanilla, Strawberry, Red Velvet and so on and headed to meet the girls. We all grubbed down at our meeting and I am sorry to say we were SO disappointed. The cupcakes were DRY DRY DRY and the frosting tastes exactly like they opened a tub of cool whip and topped off the cupcake. Everyone smiled and said "oh yum Nicole thanks" but we all agreed these are nothing to go out of your way and get. So if your in the mood for a cupcake stick to Cuppies and Joe on NW 23rd if you want a good moist cupcake with a relaxing atmosphere!
Sara Sara Cupcakes get two thumbs DOWN!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Lion Called Christian

I am sure you have all seen that video above on TV or it has been emailed to you as it was to me. That short video touched me, it in a way confirmed in my heart what I already know about animals.... how they have the capacity to love, remember and touch lives. My love for animals runs deep and I know that each creature is special and all they want is love and respect from each other and from humans. Well finally the two gentlemen in that video released a book this past Tuesday with the full story of their life with Christian the lion and I can not wait to read it! I am starting the 3rd book in a 3 book series I have been reading but this book is next on my list, keep watch and I will update you as I read it

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here is to 50 more...

Happy 50th Anniversary
Oma & Granddad!!!!!

This was taken at Curtis's graduation from OBU!

Oma was a HUGE Yard Dawgz Fan!!
I love this pic, it is ME!!!!!!

Well in case you can't tell today is my grandparents 50th!!! A little over 50 years ago Granddad (Earl Butler) went off to war and fell in love with a lively German girl! (Hannelore) And the rest is history! I (we) love you very much and I am excited to celebrate with you two tonight!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here we are again, MONDAY SHMONDAY! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend like I did!
But today I am going to talk food! Yes, food! What brought this on you ask? The scrumptious Avocado I had with lunch today, I salted it and piled it up on my sandwich and MAN oh MAN sometimes I forget how much I LOVE Avocado! No really people it is one of my favorite things! So that got me thinking and I was like you know what my friends really want to know is........
My favorite foods! I know, get excited.
When I turned 21 I worked at a fine dining place in OKC called Mickey Mantles and it was during those 4 years that I really developed my love and passion for food and I realized the difference between good food and bad food! We all know I love to cook and I love holidays and special occasions because that means I get to eat out! But at times it is the simple things I enjoy such as the AVOCADO!
ok I love lists.........so for my Oklahoma people here it is in NO particular order.......
~ The Melting Pot, it is so much fun I couldn't enjoy myself more
~ Mickey Mantles Steakhouse, talk about perfection and no they did not pay me to say that
~ Ted's Escondido, their salsa is like "tomato city" and I gorge myself on their tortilla's
~ Sushi Neko, sushi enough said
I am sure some places are escaping me right now but those are the big ones!

Now just when you thought my raving/ranting was over it begins again ......
You know what I don't like very much? Pizza, Burgers, hot dogs etc I mean their is a time and a place for all that but I like something more. It is un-American I realize but true!

Here is some things I love....
~ SUSHI, I LOVE how each roll is completely different and how I crave it so much. I am completely in love with sushi and have been for some time now.
~ STEAK, I am sure I will offend some people here but unless you order your steak Med Rare and under (some Med is ok) you do not know what steak is. The thing with steak is the more you cook it, you are actually cooking the flavor out, and no you will not die of mad cow anything you crazy people but if you want leather wear it don't eat it. It really is a complete waste of money if you order it Med Well or Well. If you would try it MR just once you would wake up and fall in love with steak all over again, just ask my parents. A perfect MR steak that you can slice into like "butta" is something to be proud of.
~ Buttered Noodles, and no I am not kidding I have had "A Thing" for buttered noodles since birth (ask my mom) and not just any noodles I don't do shells or penne I like Spaghetti or elbows! ha, no joke! Buttered noodles call out my name ... Matt is so tired of chicken and noodles for dinner I think he may go on strike!
~ Veggies, I love all veggies! I love Asparagus & Squash I am every mothers dream when it comes to eating veggies!
~ I am going to let you in on a little weirdness I have and it revolves around fruit.... I do not like Berries! There I said it, I know I can't call myself a true foodie but it is the true... if it ends in a "Errie" I am not kidding you I will not eat it! I am ashamed and I have tried but I can't!

Ok guys I could go on and on and on and on but then you would not read my blog anymore! so there it is! I LOVE FOOD! Peace

Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Weekend Starts now....

First off I am overjoyed by the weather today here in OKC!! A no wind, sun shining day with the high of 82' while I was getting ready this morning the dogs were laying around outside soaking up the nice weather ...and go figure next week we will be back in the low 40s! It is exhausting!
Today I kick off my weekend with a luncheon at the Oklahoma Golf & Country Club which I am very excited about! The luncheon is called "Women in the news" and it is basically put on by and for women who serve in the community and I am thrilled to be a part of...
BUT, I have to vent........
So it is 82 today right? BUT it is NOT spring yet? Correct!
I am not a fashionista by anyones definition but I will tell you it is not time yet to bust out florals and open toe shoes. I hope I am not offending anyone running around in peeps toes or strappy sandals but I just can't do it. SO hence my fashion delima I have not "switched out the closets " yet and I am still working with my winter clothes and on top of that none of my pants fit so i had nothing to wear today. I tried to do a fashion show for Matt last night but he was NO help! So i am wearing an oldie but a goodie- it is black short dress with some ruffles and closed toe pumps. I don't feel "luncheon like" AT ALL but what can you do people??????????
Ok, enough already.........tomorrow is a busy day I am actually attending the Scentsy regional convention which is being held here in OKC from 9-3 so hopefully I will learn how to better serve my new customers and make by budding business grow! And tomorrow night is my Book Club "Shabby Souls" meeting at the Melting Pot for some wonderful chocolate fondue and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend and catch ya on the flip side!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


All my friends and family I wanted to share with you my new venture now that I have officially "Launched" March 1st! I am now a member of the Scentsy family as a New Consultant! I have been thinking about this for over a year as some of you know but I finally took the plunge last month! It is going to be a WONDERFUL way for me to not only have fun with my friends and family but make some extra cash!

Keep your eyes open for Scentsy newsletters in your inbox and invitations to upcoming "Launch Parties" in your mail!
Just a couple of reasons why I love this product...........

1. It is fire marshal safe for dorms & offices. Plus you can leave it on for 24 hours a day 7 days a week
2. The wax is a low burning food grade wax so if your child or pet sticks their fingers into the wax it will not harm them at all! It is a safe wickless way to make your whole house smell great!3. We have a TON of scents and warmers to fit your style.........and recently added plug-ins, room spray and a "Car Candle"

A Couple of things if your considering Hosting a party..........
1. You get 10% of the total sales at your party towards merchandise
2. Depending on the sales at your party you could get up to 3 items for 1/2 off!
3. I can help you send out invites, set up, clean up and I will provide a door prize!!

Please feel free to forward this information on to your friends who love candles!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fruit Snacks

SO one of the many loves Matt & I share is our love of Fruit Snacks! No joke! We both work in the same building and on most days we bring sandwiches and eat at my desk, and lunch is not complete without Fruit Snacks this week is Mickeys Playhouse last week was John Deer! We are funny, we always laugh because here we are grown ups at work and we "Trade" Fruit Snacks... if Matt gets more red than I do we make a deal! HA! The last picture if you notice Matt likes to throw them up & catch them in his mouth... the green snack is in mid air!
Ps... you like my desktop! HA


OK, unless you live under a rock then you have certainly heard about the ole' Bachelor "Switcheroo"....
Last night single dad Jason picked his final 2 ladies Molly & Melissa and he was set to propose to one lucky gal in New Zealand. We all love a romantic ending so myself and countless others tuned in to see the happy ending and to hope that what we heard was false but sadly enough it was true............ Here is the Cliff Notes version.....
~ Jason chooses Melissa, he proposes and she is over the moon and the celebrate the night away with his young son Ty
~ Fast forward six weeks to the "After the Final Rose" show which is taped secretly due to the "Dramatic Nature"
~ Jason says he picked the wrong girl and he really loves Molly so of course in front of millions of viewers if the best place to break up with your fiance' right?
~ Jason brings Melissa out and tells her it is over and he is in love with Molly, she is pissed of course and they exchange verbal banter while Jason cries ( go figure) Melissa storms off stage after telling him to never contact her again. Good for her!
~ Then 10min later they bring out Molly where he proclaims his love for her, they kiss and are set to be happily ever after!
This back story broke a couple of weeks ago on www.realitysteve.com you can go there to read the whole saga..........
WHAT? I mean how hurtful and rude is this show going to get? Melissa was discarded like an old shoe while Molly prances in to save the Bachelors torn heart. It makes me sick, he talks about how he couldn't live a lie ...yadda yadda but really? You needed cameras to do this?
The word is, he picked Molly early early on in the show so the producers came to him with this ratings scheme to have him pick Melissa and then dump her on TV, we would all think that someone with a heart would say no but good ole single dad was in hook, line & sinker. It was really painful to watch last night and I feel bad that I did watch it and that I contributed to ratings TV gold!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It is here.......................

My Kindle 2.0 has ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cue Star Wars-esk epic background music......
This is the photo montage of emotions when I finally got it over the weekend after a 3 MONTH wait! The sad face is because apparently the "2.0" does not come with the leather cover anymore so of course it is an additional charge. GO FIGURE! ha, Well so far it is very cool there is so much to it other than playing around and charging it I haven't gotten very far! And yes, to my "Shabby Souls" girls I will bring it to book club on Saturday (Chocolate Fondue here we come)! woohoo.....
Update! I ordered a snazzy red leather cover for it and it will be here in 3 weeks! gheesh!
ps........Thanks again Oma & G-dad!


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